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An old saying goes that you should go where your customers are. Comcast recognizes that it is dropping cable customers, but wins thousands of broadband users, and turns towards streaming. This is one of the reasons why the Xfinity Flex streaming box is provided free of charge to its Internet-only customers – provided they also rent a cable modem from the company. While the Flex has a number of great features like voice search and built-in smart home controls, it needs a lot more apps before it can compete with Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick as either one best streaming devices,

Xfinity Flex price and availability

The Xfinity Flex became available in autumn 2019. Comcast Internet customers who rent a Comcast cable modem but do not receive a cable television service can receive a Flex free of charge. Additional boxes cost $ 5 each, and a household can have up to three.


The Xfinity Flex is a small, square box that is about the same height as the Apple TV, but takes up about twice as much space. On the back you will find an HDMI port, USB-C for the power supply and an Ethernet socket if you want to connect the device to your router instead of using Wi-Fi.

Xfinity Flex

(Photo credit: Xfinity)

The top of this gray box has a subtle design of small, indented triangles, and the sides of the flex are beveled. While the design of the Flex isn't as eye-catching as the glossy black Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Cube, it does add some visual interest to something you probably won't see as often.

remote control

The Flex uses the same X1 remote control as the current cable boxes from Xfinity. It's not as minimalist as something you'd get from Roku or Apple TV – this remote has a number pad, for example – but Comcast may find it cheaper to use the same remote.

Xfinity Flex

(Photo credit: Xfinity)

There are volume and channel rockers at the top, including buttons for media playback, a D-pad below and a number pad below. There's even a record button, but it doesn't matter.

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