Why you need protection products during coronavirus (and I don’t mean PPE)

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If you read the words "Protection Products During Corona Virus", do you think that face masks are correct? Or maybe one of those chic plastic visors that make you look like Jennifer Beals in flash dance? (The welded parts, not the exotic dancing.)

I'm not talking about that today.

(Sorry Flashdance fans.)

I'm talking about financial protection products like life insurance, health insurance and the like – insurance products that protect you financially in the worst case. I mean, I think you could Print out a copy of your insurance certificate and try to make some kind of face covering, but it's really not the same.

Can I take out life insurance to cover the coronavirus?

I'm pretty sure Jennifer Beals didn't have a beard, but you got the idea

Can I afford life insurance?

If you're something like me, one of the first things you did when the virus really got through, aside from worrying about zombies, was to take a long look at your direct debits and figure out which ones you could get away with cancel.

(Membership in the gym, probably the canceled coffee subscription, do pets really need insurance? …)

I took the three-month vacation for my mortgage and bank loan, stopped (temporarily) buying strange clothes with cat print on the Internet, and seriously considered whether I really needed my income protection insurance if I was able to run out of income to protect.

I basically panicked about what I couldn't and couldn't afford. I am sure I was not alone.

Against the background of all this panic, a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings have arisen about what is best to do with protective products, whether you can afford them or not and whether you can still get cover at all. As a result, many families have worryed or fought unnecessarily.

The advice from LifeSearch is to be protected. It's not too late to get coverage regardless of your budget.

Who is LifeSearch?

LifeSearch has been the UK's largest insurance broker for over 20 years. LifeSearch consultants offer customers free, competent and independent advice on life insurance, health insurance, income protection, family income, health insurance and business insurance. You are also one of the few independent consultants who offer a free claims support service and can help you settle claims if you get stuck.

In two decades LifeSearch has protected hundreds of thousands of families in the UK from the financial consequences of disasters, critical illnesses and deaths and has received hundreds of awards for its culture, expertise and customer service. LifeSearch has one Trustpilot score out of 4.9, based on over 11,000 reviews, and ranked 3rd in the list of best Sunday Times employers for 2019.

Basically, they know what they are talking about when it comes to protective products.

Lifesearch review

Okay, fair enough. So can I protect myself against coronavirus?

Despite what you may think, it is still possible to get new life insurance that pays off for corona virus. It is worth noting that many insurers have introduced new questions to determine your risk, and it is really important, like when you sign a protection policy, to answer these questions truthfully.

With regard to insurance against critical illnesses, the coronavirus is currently not regarded as an independent critical illness. However, if it did cause a condition that is included in your plan, you will receive a payout. This also applies to new guidelines.

What do I do if I am currently unprotected?

If you want to take out protection products like life insurance, it is best to contact a broker such as LifeSearch. Your advisors are experts in the entire market and will inform you about all options from different insurers depending on your specific circumstances. They can help you find a product that suits you AND your budget.

And how do I make the transition from exotic dancer to ballet school?

I told you this is not a flash dance.

If you want to get free and competent advice about the best protection products for you and your family, LifeSearch can definitely help.

Call the expert team at 0800 316 7253 or visit the LifeSearch website now.

Can I get coverage for Coronavirus?

I told you you're in the wrong blog post.

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