Which Under Armour golf shoes are best for you?

You saw what we had to say on Spieth 4. Here's what we think about the Under Armor Hovr range for men and women

The Under Armor golf shoe series is as extensive as never before for 2020. Among the tech-heavy Spieth 4 shoes that we tested separately is the impressive Hovr range, including four men's models tested by Alex Perry and two women's models, rated by Hannah Holden. Let's split them up so you can see which shoe is right for your game.

Under armor Hovr Drive GTX

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: UA likes to blur the lines between traditional and modern golf shoes and you have to greet them.

Technology: Hovr cushioning is not only soft, it also returns energy when your foot moves. Rotation resistance peaks provide excellent horizontal traction.

NCG judgment: A Spieth 4 Lite, if you like. If you're not interested in everything the Spieth 4 has to offer, this is a perfect replacement. Though with a price difference of just £ 20 I'm not sure why you wouldn't take the next step …

RRP: £ 150

Under Armor Hovr Show SL GTX

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: And here they are in a model without spikelets. The Hovr Show appears to be suffering from an identity crisis. Is it a traditional golf shoe? Is it a trainer?

Technology: This spikelet-free offering gives you a lighter, more flexible feel, yet has twist-resistance handles on the sole for traction and strength.

NCG judgment: Just because I'm not keen on looks doesn't mean this isn't a great golf shoe. If you want a lot of technology in the form without spikelets, this is for you. Of the four, these were the most uncomfortable I've tried, but there has to be a compromise on this front.

RRP: £ 140

Under Armor Hovr Matchplay

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: The best looking spiked model in the Under Armor range.

Technology: The Matchplay sole has a compression net with integrated foam for a feeling of weightlessness and maximum comfort.

NCG judgment: Comfortable immediately after unpacking and solid performance on the golf course. A full 50 pounds cheaper than the Spieth 4, this is the model I would choose if I wasn't able to say everything about Jordan's favorites.

RRP: £ 120

Under armor Hovr Fade SL

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: Now let's talk! What a great looking shoe.

Technology: The spikeless outsole is designed for all-day comfort and style and offers a lighter, more flexible feel.

NCG judgment: No frills, no problem. Really stylish and incredibly comfortable right away. I have had this for two weeks now and have barely left my feet. I probably have them on now. At £ 90 you can't go wrong. Oh, and they only weigh 258 grams if you like something like that.

RRP: £ 90

Under Armor Women's Hovr Drive

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: A traditional style golf shoe in terms of shape and spiked outsole. The splashes of color and the variety of materials and textures really contribute to the visual appeal of this shoe.

Technology: Developed fit to support a woman's foot structure with Hovr foam for comfort and energy return as well as rotational resistance grips to use the power.

NCG judgment: The structure of these shoes is fantastic, they fit the foot really well and offer excellent arc support, which I think is very important. I like the fit of higher back shoes like this very much, but I often find that they rub on the back of my feet. The soft foam material on the heel is an excellent addition.

RRP: £ 120

Under Armor Women Hovr Fade SL

Under Armor golf shoes

First impressions: I love the style and would love to wear it on and off the golf course. The little extra details like the stitching and the orange color on the heel and laces are a great thing.

Technology: The tongue construction offers an improved fit and breathability, which increases the overall comfort of this shoe.

Judgment: This is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've tested all year round. I really like the integrated lacing system because it makes the shoe fit much more securely, especially around the ankle. The wider sole offers you an excellent basis for power generation.

RRP: £ 85

Under Armor Hovr 2020: overall verdict

Alex: Undoubtedly under Armor's best reach so far. They have resolved their comfort issues of the past few years, and I can't fault the performance. All-round good looking shoes that are especially suitable for those of us who have wide feet. If you force me to choose a couple? The Hovr Fade. I am a casual golfer who wants a pair of spikelets to put on at home and can be sure that they will give me comfort and performance until I get home, whether I am 18 or clapping a few on the course.

Hannah: Hovr Drive is the type of shoe that I like more because as a serious golfer I want all of the technology and I like the sporty style. Sometimes you feel like you have to forego comfort for performance, but that wasn't the case at all. In fact, the Hovr foam in the sole was so comfortable to walk on that you can feel the energy return it delivers when walking and hitting. I am so impressed with these shoes that they have become my favorite shoes when I go to the golf course.

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More information: UA Golf website

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