Welsh Government has introduced over 50 laws to deal with coronavirus

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Sent: Wednesday July 15, 2020

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The Welsh government has accelerated over 50 new Welsh laws to tackle the coronavirus pandemic quickly.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford spoke of the Senedd in Cardiff in his legislative statement on shifting government resources to limit coronavirus damage.

The measures include blocking restrictions to ensure the safety of people and businesses, to protect public health and to enable public services to continue working in unprecedented circumstances.

By changing the planning systems, the field hospitals could be built in a few weeks and further health care could be supported. Schools and the entire education system have been adapted; People and companies who have difficulty paying their rent have been protected.

As priorities have to be shifted quickly, the First Minister has said that difficult decisions need to be made about what legislation the Welsh government will introduce in Senedd later in this term.

Bills and regulations will focus on the response to coronavirus and the EU transition.

The challenging deadline for a significant portion of EU secondary law remains as the transition period ends in December.

This includes work on the implementation of new rules set out in UK legislative and readmission agreements and those resulting from negotiations with the EU.

The legislation, which continues alongside the response to coronaviruses in the fall semester, is:

  • The Local Government and Elections Act (Wales), which extends the right to vote in local elections to 16- and 17-year-olds, is expected to come into force in the next election.
  • The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill, launched last week to support the new curriculum and assessment rules as part of a broader educational reform program to raise standards and fill the gap.
  • The Rental Apartments Act (Amendment) (Wales) will improve the rights and position of tenants in the private rental sector.

Suspended invoices include:

  • The Bus Services Act (Wales) – Continue working with the pandemic-affected sector to find the best approach for the future and support the recovery.
  • The Law on Higher Education and Research was published as a draft law for consultation.
  • The Social Partnership Act takes a similar approach.

The Welsh government will also provide resources for:

  • Extension of the smoking ban to outside areas of the hospital grounds, school grounds and playgrounds of the local authorities;
  • Implementation of the socio-economic obligation and the new system for additional learning needs;
  • Ending commercial sales of puppies and kittens by others;
  • Cooperation with the local authorities to expand the 32 km / h zones.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:

“In Wales we advocated a prudent and prudent approach to fighting the coronavirus, but that doesn't mean slow. Behind the scenes, the government has worked quickly to reorganize and use its resources, save lives, and protect our NHS.

“Wales is the lowest number of coronavirus infections since the crisis began, thanks to the immense casualties that people in Wales have sacrificed to comply with laws introduced in recent months.

"Refocusing our pandemic resources has made some difficult decisions, but we will continue to prioritize the ongoing changes that will make the greatest difference to people's lives in Wales."

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