Weekend PC Game Deals: Steam Summer Sale 2020 edition

Weekend PC game deals Every week, the hottest gaming offers from all over the Internet are collected here in one place for your consumption. Sit back, relax, and hold your wallets.

The epic games store freebie rollout continues AER memories of old and Stranger Things 3: The Game as the latest freebies come.

AER is an exploration game in which you fly to giant floating islands that have secrets to discover. Meanwhile, Stranger Things 3 appears as a companion game to the successful Netflix series, which is the plot of the third season as a cooperative action-adventure game.

The latest free duo will be available until June 2nd, and will next be available for free from the Epic Games Store Conan Exils and hue.

Nacon is the latest publisher to partner with Humble to put together a charity package. Stick to the usual formula that 11 games carry Modest Nacon bundle is divided into three levels. The first of these costs $ 1 and gives you copies of Aarklash: Legacy, Outcast – Second contact, and 2Dark.

If you reach more than the average salary level – around $ 4.20 – you get Styx: Master of Shadows, Sherlock Holmes: The Daughter of the Devil, the Orcs and the Humans, as well as Tennis World Tour and V-Rally 4. The third and final stage costs $ 15 and arrives with it Pro Cycling Manager 2019, The fisherman – fishing planet, and FIA Truck Truck European Championship plus its Indianapolis Motor Speedway DLC.

This is also the last week when you need to get the latest information Modest choicethat comes in games like Hellblade, GRID, Supraland, The messengerand others about its subscription levels. Next month's selections will replace them on July 3rd.

Big business

Steam's summer sale time at last, and the annual promotion is returned with thousands and thousands of discounts that you can go through. Below is a list of highlights that contains even more offers than usual. This is a two week event. So come back next week to see more highlights.

DRM-free quality

On the DRM-free side of gaming deals, GOG is back with a number of discounts on its goods. There is also one Cyberpunk 2077 Goodie pack is given away his front page. Check out our highlights below:

Note that availability and prices for some offers may vary by region.

And that's it for our selection of PC game deals this weekend, and hopefully some of you have enough self-control not to add more games to your growing backlog this season. Of course, there is an enormous amount of other offers on the Internet that wait if you comb them hard enough. So keep your eyes open and have a wonderful weekend.

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