Weekend PC Game Deals: Perfect time to take just one more turn

Weekend PC game deals Every week, the hottest gaming offers from all over the Internet are collected here in one place for your consumption. Sit back, relax, and hold your wallets.

If you start you will find that the Epic Games Store is currently offering something Civilization VI as a free game for this week, it replaces that of last week Grand Theft Auto V Giveaway with another giant.

The base content of the 4X strategy title developed by Firaxis, including its nuclear-happy civilizations, is up to you if you claim it before May 28th. Just like in the past few weeks, the store holds the next giveaway close to his chest. The new countdown timer reaches zero.

Since the Epic Mega Sale and the repeating $ 10 voucher are still active in the store, that's Civilization VI Platinum Edition An upgrade is available for $ 29.99, which announces both the major additions and additional factions.

Jump into bundles Humble and Bandai Namco have teamed up for another collection, and this time nine games are involved.

The four-stage bundle starts with Pac-Man 256, Get Even, and Enslaved: Odyssey in the West for $ 1. It continues with the payment, which is above the average level Katamari Damacy Reroll, .hack // G.U. Last recoding, and WHEEL Currently for around $ 10.80.

The last two levels are $ 15 and $ 25, with the former delivering Tekken 7 and Stories from Berseriawhile the latter is adding The dark pictures Anthology: Man of Medan to the package. Elsewhere in the store the 10th anniversary Modest indie bundle From the beginning of the month, what games like offers you is almost over Starbound, moonlights, and more.

Free events

After months of heavy, free, eventful weekends, this time there are only a few games that you can try for free.

Bohemia Interactive's multiplayer survival game DayZ has a free weekend right now and lets you jump into the post-apocalyptic world everyone is in obviously friendly and is not out to kill you. It looks like the only other experience that has a free weekend on Steam is the rhythm game DJMax: Respect V.. Both games are free until May 25th.

Meanwhile, Star Citizen is holding a free flight event through June 1 where players can try out many of the ships available. More details can be found here.

Big business

At the major promotions this weekend, Epic is with his $ 10 voucher and still in full swing Mega salewhile Humble brought back most of his deals for a last run Spring sale. There is Pac-Man Unpacking offers to celebrate the 40th anniversary. You can find more offers in our list of highlights for the weekend below:

DRM-free quality

As usual, there are some DRM-free games on sale this weekend:

Note that availability and prices for some offers may vary by region.

And that's it for our selection of PC game deals this weekend, and hopefully some of you have enough self-control not to add more games to your growing backlog this season. Of course, there is an enormous amount of other offers on the Internet that wait if you comb them hard enough. So keep your eyes open and have a wonderful weekend.

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