We must continue to be able to isolate local outbreaks before they break into our communities


Darren Hughes

Darren Hughes, director of the Welsh NHS confederation, replied to the Welsh government's recent coronavirus briefing:

"We are in a critical phase in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The recent localized outbreaks in North Wales and Merthyr have enabled us to put the test, trace and protect strategy into operation and to do its job.

“It is also encouraging that Wales is again at the forefront of research into new coronavirus treatments and that the first patient was treated with blood plasma over the weekend to aid recovery.

“However, it has become clear from the past few days that coronavirus is still in our communities and at our workplaces.

“This is frustrating for everyone across the UK who has made sacrifices and worked so hard to keep everyone safe. We also understand people's real concern for their livelihood. In NHS Wales, we recognize that a strong economy makes a strong contribution to public health outcomes, but I urge you to stay with us and protect the NHS and welfare.

"We need to make sure that the test, trace, and protect system is working properly, and we still need to be able to isolate local outbreaks before they enter our communities."

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