‘Very positive signs’ over coronavirus in Forth Valley

There are "very positive signs" that the corona virus in Forth Valley is at a very low level, as evidenced by papers presented at a board meeting.

The NHS Forth Valley board heard last week that the cases of Covid-19 are steadily decreasing across the country and the average number of deaths per day has "effectively reached zero".

In fact, in the 15 days between July 8 and July 22, only death was recorded nationwide, compared to 50 deaths a day in early May.

Until July 23, there were no Covid 19 positive patients at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

In which the director of public health, Dr. However, according to Graham Foster, the created document states: "Physical detachment and hygiene measures must continue as long as the virus is common to prevent possible transmission by the community."

And looking ahead, health leaders are planning "likely changes" to Covid-19 infections when the colder weather arrives.

One concern is that cooler temperatures increase contact between people indoors.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser:

The paper added: "In addition to seasonal influenza, there are also concerns about the combined effects of Covid-19.

"NHS winter planning teams will assess and address these potential risks.

"A number of national groups have been formed to begin this important preparatory work.

"NHS Forth Valley is working to develop its response – our winter plan, the pandemic influenza plan, the system-wide remobilization plan, and the Covid-19 pandemic framework to ensure that we are prepared for winter."

In the meantime, the paper also states that the region's testing and protection service "works well and is seamlessly linked to health protection that manages the more complex cases."

They will play an important role in the early detection and management of potential outbreaks or clusters.

This will be important as schools get back in shape next week.

The document said: "Local health teams would continue to follow up contacts for more complex incidents and requests, such as outbreaks in schools, care facilities, or the workplace."

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