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The Scottish Children ’s Ombudsman called on the Scottish Government to" communicate clearly and directly with children and families "amid growing concerns that the six-point rule has a disproportionate impact on poorer children.

Parents have asked why both capercaillie and fox hunting can continue under the new restrictions while it is against the law for children from more than two families to play indoors or outdoors, resulting in an effective ban on the self-organized birthday conducts parties and restrictions on free play in parks, as well as exclusion of people who cannot afford paid group activities.

There has also been confusion about whether the six person / two household restrictions apply to children in play parks. According to the Scottish Government, children should play in household couples, but this is clearly not enforceable on the swings.

The Scottish Greens health spokesman Alison Johnstone pointed out the lack of fairness in the Scottish Parliament's Covid Committee. She said:

Public health is a top priority and we need the public who trust that the rules are fair … Under current regulations, children can only invite all their friends for a birthday if their parents can afford to see someone else pay to organize it.

After Nicola Sturgeon confirmed at her daily briefing that no child rights impact assessment had been carried out for the latest policy "due to the speed with which we need to introduce these changes", Bruce AdamsonScotland's Children Commissioner said:

An impact assessment on children's rights is essential to demonstrate the legitimacy of decision-making and should be part of significant policy changes and clear and direct communication with children and families so that the legitimate reasons for the restrictions are broadly understood.




The UK has 3,991 coronavirus cases – the highest daily total since early May


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