Two more positive tests in Shropshire caravan park coronavirus outbreak

The Shropshire Council confirmed that 23 people at Long Lane had tested positive for the virus by Monday, an increase of two on Sunday.

It has been linked to a similar recent outbreak at Leighton Arches Traveler Park in Welshpool.

The Shropshire Council said testing will continue for all residents of the site, and there may be more positive cases to come in the coming days before infection control and social distancing measures take effect.

However, a woman who lives in the city but not in the caravan park said she called the NHS to book a test just to be allowed to call again next week.

"No outbreak record"

Jean MacDonald, 63, from Market Street, said: “I live in the city and use a local shop, so I thought I would be tested. He called NHS 119 this morning, as stated in the Shropshire Star article.

"But the lady who replied said she had no record of an outbreak in Craven Arms.

"Then she said I should call back next week to make an appointment.

“The reaction really surprised me. I find it disgusting to be told to wait a week. "

SOUTH COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR STEVE LEATH 27/07 / 2020..Pic in Craven Arms, where there was a spike in Covid, which is located in a caravan park. The children's park is shown here and is now closed.

The police have stated that the risk of contracting the virus is low for the general public, but all precautions must be taken.

Inspector Nikki Roberts said: “This is an outbreak in a confined space. The risk to the general public is low, but please adhere to the two-meter rule, wear a mask and wash your hands. Take care of yourself, take care of your community. "

Rachel Robinson, director of public health for the Shropshire Council, said: “We can confirm that there have been two more positive cases and we may find that the number of cases increases in the following days as we continue to look at the results Tests are waiting.

“Cluster outbreaks are not uncommon during a pandemic and we want to reassure people that the risk is still very low. We continue to provide local assistance and guidance to Long Lane residents to protect them and their loved ones. "

"We have to act quickly"

Councilor Lee Chapman, a local member of Church Stretton and Craven Arms and Chairman of the Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board, added: “I know this will be a cause of concern and I want to reassure people that we have taken robust action since the beginning The outbreak protects everyone.

"If local positive cases develop, we have to find them and act quickly to prevent them from spreading further. We are grateful to Public Health England and local partners for their support."

The city's Newington Way outdoor playground and gym were closed over the weekend due to precautions, and the local council provided food, fuel, and essentials to people on Long Lane premises while isolating themselves.

"Dark mood"

It comes when things return to what is called "new normal" with shops, pubs, gyms, attractions, and other facilities that are reopening with Covid-19 measures.

But people still seem to do their usual business while following the rules.

Harry Delves, owner of the Tuffins supermarket, said Public Health England had contacted them about the cases and was satisfied with the virus measures in the store.

The shop was a lifeline for the community during the blackout period, and employees are ready to move up again if necessary.

He added: "It's a dark mood, if anything. Until we have a vaccine, something like this will happen. We have put in place all the social distancing and disinfectants so we can continue to greet customers.

“People still seem to be doing business. An outbreak has occurred in the Caravan Park. As far as we know, it has been included.

“Our main focus is on the well-being of the people in the region. If we are asked to do something, we will do it. "Groceries, recipes, and essentials have been given to people who isolate themselves in the Caravan Park, and tuffins have been delivering home to hundreds of households free of charge since the block began."

How to be tested

On Saturday, a test site for residents was established in the Craven Arms Business Park, which will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for the next two weeks.

The tests are only possible by appointment. Residents are asked to book an appointment via NHS Test and Trace online or by calling 119.

If you live in Craven Arms, you don't have to have any symptoms to book a test. However, everyone else is asked to only book if you have symptoms, live with someone who has symptoms, or have been asked to book a test before going to the hospital.

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