Twitter Accounts of Elon Musk, Coinbase, Others Push Bitcoin Scam in Apparent Hack

A few minutes ago, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, Twitter, sent a suspicious message with Bitcoin.

The message read: "I feel generous about COVID-19. I will double every BTC payment sent to my BTC address for the next hour …"

r / CryptoCurrency - Elon Musk's Twitter has been hacked along with dozens of other Crypto Influencer accounts. Please do not get involved and do not send anything to the address given in the tweet. Stay safe!

Attached is a Segwit Bitcoin address.

The message received thousands of likes and retweets in the few minutes it was released.

The tweet was deleted shortly after publication, with the administrators of Elon Musk or Twitter apparently regaining the authority of the account and deleting the message.

However, it quickly turned out that this was not the case. The following message was released minutes later, with the account sharing the exact same Bitcoin address with a slightly changed message.

At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin address has accumulated 2.7 BTC worth approximately $ 25,000.

Musk's tweet contains answers from those affected.

Not the only account tweeting a crypto scam

This news wasn't limited to Elon Musk's Twitter account, followed by over 36 million worldwide.

In the last hour of writing this article, prominent Twitter accounts across the cryptocurrency space have shared suspicious messages.

Top Bitcoin analyst accounts have posted an ad for a "trading group". And accounts from exchanges and certain industry leaders have posted a link promoting an alleged charity campaign titled "Crypto for Health".

Affected accounts include the @ Bitcoin handle, one of the largest crypto handles, Justin Sun, Charlie Lee, merchant Angelo, Gemini, Binance, and more.

All of these accounts published the news in a short time (about an hour), but not all at the same time.

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