Truckers slam Michael Gove over Brexit shambles as ‘Kermit’ plan isn’t ready – UK news

  • Truckers slam Michael Gove about Brexit as the plan for & # 39; Kermit & # 39; is not finished yet

    EXCLUSIVE: Truck drivers are upset when Michael Gove tells them to prepare paperwork for the ports after Brexit – but the government systems aren't ready yet

  • Parents of $ 33,000 a year private high school students stand up for their kids after a crap-day scandal

    Mothers who send their sons to Sydney's exclusive Shore School, valued at $ 33,000 a year, have since taken a stand by uploading photos

  • Boris Johnson abandoned plans for a second national lockdown fearing Rishi Sunak might stop

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned of the economic effects of a second national lockdown that would make his work nearly impossible.

  • Trump confirms that he would like Judge Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed before the Supreme Court election

    "I think it will be quick – I hope," Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday, shortly after he officially announced Barrett's nomination for the Supreme Court seat.

  • A million young people could desperately need help as mass unemployment looms, warns Prince Charles

    Warning that a million young people in an impending unemployment crisis may be in dire need of help, Prince Charles said "It is an especially difficult time to be young" during the crisis.

  • Boris Johnson "has not imposed a new ban for fear Rishi Sunak would quit"

    The Chancellor reportedly said the introduction of new national restrictions such as a lockdown would make his work nearly impossible. This week Rishi Sunak introduced a new Jobs Support Scheme.

  • Gayle King scolds Nancy Pelosi for calling Trump's allies "henchmen" and says it doesn't solve anything

    Gayle King, friends with Oprah Winfrey and the Obamas, criticized Nancy Pelosi for calling Donald Trump's allies a "henchman" and saying it was "offensive" and not helpful.

  • The Legacy of Scalia: How Amy Coney Barrett Could Affect the Supreme Court Balance

    Barrett, who was officially named the nation's highest court during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House on Saturday night, was once an employee of Scalia.

  • Fancy an old boiler door for £ 60,000? Well it was painted by Jack Vettriano ...

    Last summer, Jack Vettriano suddenly painted directly on the boiler cabinet door in the one-bedroom London apartment he used to live in. It shows a stylish woman leaning against a car.

  • Oxford United footballers almost missed their game because of an anti-coronavirus gel

    The players from League One's Oxford United team had taken their seats on the bus when the vehicle was sprayed with the alcohol-based aerosol.

  • Amy Coney Barrett thanks her husband and calls her seven children her "greatest joy".

    President Trump announced in the White House Rose Garden his decision to appoint Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is the mother of seven, to the Supreme Court.

  • Coronavirus UK: Parents discouraged from seeing their critically ill babies in intensive care

    A mother in the UK, Taylor Moss, shared her fear that visits to her seven-week-old Tyger-Rose would be restricted. In the picture, MP Jonathan Gullis supports the campaign.

  • The Californian man makes the proposal that Mount Rushmore in Lakota Sioux & # 39; name & # 39; Rename Igmu Tanka Paha '.

    A California man tabled a Board on Geographic Names proposal to rename Mount Rushmore in July, which was quickly followed by a bill blocking the renaming.

  • Obese TEENAGERS must have hip and knee surgery because they are so obese, as shock NHS numbers show

    Data shows that the number of surgeries related to obesity is increasing year by year for all age groups, with younger generations struggling with conditions normally associated with aging.

  • PIERS MORGAN: How did liberals become a screeching mob trying to silence all disagreements?

    PIERS MORGAN: Why did the world go like this? Who caused this nonsense? The answer is shocking. Because we liberals are responsible for it.

  • Prisoners in Wales fear being singled out as troublemakers for speaking Welsh

    Inmates at HMP Berwyn, a 2,100-capacity "superprison" in Wrexham, North Wales, complained to the prison authorities that guards threatened to revoke their privileges if they caught them speaking Welsh.

  • Britain can still sign a trade deal with the EU - but only if Brussels "gets real"

    Lord Frost seemed to raise hopes for a last-minute breakthrough, saying the last two weeks of informal talks had been "relatively positive".

  • Weekend hotend topic, part 2: did you pre-order a PS5 or Xbox?

    Do you trust Sony? GameCentral readers share their experiences of pre-ordering a PS5 and Xbox Series X / S – or explain why they never bothered. Now pre-orders have started for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The question for this week's Hot Topic was pretty simple: did you pre-order one, and if not, why not? Everyone had their own reasons to jump in now or wait until later, but surprisingly few said they were prevented from pre-ordering

  • Microsoft is buying its way to victory with Xbox and that's bad news - Reader & # 39; s feature

    Xbox – pay to win? (Image: Microsoft) A reader is concerned about Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda and its significance for the future of the video game industry. So it only took Microsoft $ 7.5 billion to move from ridicule to serious contender with the Xbox Series X / S. Last week they looked like a follower with no exclusive games to launch and a shoddy marketing campaign that didn't upset anyone and confused a lot of people. Then they bought Bethesda makers

  • A man who tried to take a taxi from Victoria to NSW is charged with violating coronavirus laws

    A 26-year-old man was accused of violating a COVID-19 instruction and breaking bail after attempting to take a taxi from Victoria to New South Wales to go shopping.

  • F1 2020 Reader Review - Reader & # 39; s Feature

    F1 2020 – World Class Racing (Image: Codemasters) A reader gives an overview of Codemasters' latest Formula 1 game and explains why he thinks it is the best driving simulation of the generation. There are only two laps left and my tires are worn out. I've been in sixth place since lap one, within a second of Bottas in front of me. I know if I want to invent places it has to be now. I commit to overtaking on the last two laps and my patience is paying off. My own chatting motorsport

  • Prince George was intrigued by David Attenborough's shark tooth in new pictures

    Sir David, 94, brought the tooth to meet William, Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis at Kensington Palace. He attended a private viewing of his new environmental documentation

  • Jacinda Ardern promises to ban plastic cutlery and disposable coffee cups

    The New Zealand Prime Minister announced her new zero-waste police on Sunday, pledging $ 50 million to research plastic alternatives pending election results on October 17th.

  • Experts provoke storm in a teacup by saying that you should NEVER use boiling water to make tea

    While this can cause traditionalists to take on a milky shade of white, experts have claimed that the best way to make our national drink is to let the water cool to 80 degrees.

  • Victoria records 16 new coronavirus cases and two deaths before the lockdown wears off

    Victoria only has 16 new cases of coronavirus in hopes the lockdown will be eased as case numbers fall faster than expected.

  • Harry and Meghan's US election intervention "violated" the terms of the contract with Queen, say high-ranking aides

    Harry and Meghan's comments urging American voters to "reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity" have been widely interpreted as a blow to President Trump.

  • Sergeant Matt Ratana & # 39; Murderer & # 39; was resuscitated by doctors after he & # 39; died & # 39; in hospital was

    The 23-year-old is accused of shooting Matt Ratana in a detention suite at a police station in Croydon, south London, before shooting himself. He remains in the hospital in critical condition

  • Seven new virus cases on ships off Western Australia are sparking outbreak fears

    Nine crew members on board the Patricia Oldendorff tested positive with 20 crew members still on board who are at anchor nine nautical miles off Port Hedland.

  • Demi Lovato "drew Max Ehrich's attention to the split", although he claimed that he had "found out through tabloids"

    Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich split two months after their engagement (Image: Getty – Demi Lovato) Demi Lovato reportedly made her ex Max Ehrich aware of their split, although he claimed he found out when he read about it on tabloids. The Ex-Spouses Two months after the engagement, the young and troubled actor split to break his silence and write, “Imagine finding out the status of your relationship through a tabloid.” A source close to However, Demi said about PE

  • PG&E is preparing to cut power to nearly 100,000 households in California at the risk of further forest fires

    According to the Los Angeles Times, PG&E can cut power to up to 97,000 customers in 16 counties – including Napa – between Sunday morning and Monday.

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