These Mancs play games for a living: GGRecon is Manchester’s best Esports publisher

Jake left and Chris right with Fred Done

When many people think of the center of sports activities, they are brought to the glitz and glamor of major US tournaments. Thousands of screaming fans watch their heroes compete in their favorite game to potentially win millions of dollars.

The last thing you can imagine is that an Esport publisher is based right here in Manchester. Incredible, an up and coming website called GGRecon makes waves in the industry with the help of a familiar face.

The website was launched in December 2019 after the man behind Betfed, Fred Done, invested in a young Manc boy who has worked for him since 2013 – Chris Young.

Chris had started in Betfred's customer service department but worked his way up to the product manager. He introduced massive changes in retail to drive sales across the group from millions to ten million. After Fred decided that he wanted to make Manchester the best esport publisher alongside his other sports-oriented website – funny enough called it The sportsmanhe decided that Chris had proven that he was the person for the job.

Photo of Alex Haney on Unsplash

GGRecon is voted the best Esport publishing house in Manchester, because it is a really undeveloped market in the hustle and bustle of the media. We have great talent in our great city, but only one that focuses exclusively on sport. The team, which consisted of only two people in December, has now grown to 14 people.

With an average age of 25, the team is certainly young. In fact, their manager is 22 years old. Jake Bannister founded the company with Chris after working his way up as a shop manager for William Hill at just 19 before moving to Betfred. As an esports fan aged 16 and over, it was always a passion point for him.

The GGRecon editorial team has experience with other Manchester-based media companies such as LADbible and Social Chain, but also with Digital Spy, Esquire, BBC, Sky News and Radio Times.

The video team consists of a mixture of former UNILAD employees and brand new gaming talents with a total of over 20 years of experience in the areas of social media and video editing.

Photo of Hala AlGhanim on Unsplash

You have made waves in the industry and recently became a media partner for a VALORANT inviting to cover the tournament with bespoke articles, videos and other content.

The company is currently working on a brand new website that is inspired by other sports websites. There will be a widget that shows current, past and upcoming tournaments, similar to how soccer websites format their games.

GGRecon will also move into a new office with a state-of-the-art playroom in the next few months. There will also be a studio dedicated to live streaming the latest games and daily news content.

If you are a manc in esport, be sure to keep an eye on these guys. They change the game.

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