Theresa Villiers axed from Intelligence Committee for disloyalty

Former Environment Minister Theresa Villiers was expelled from the Intelligence Committee after resisting the Tory whip to prevent chlorinated chicken from being brought to Britain after Brexit.

The MP was supposed to sit on the powerful committee, but was now punished by the prime minister for her infidelity.

Villiers was one of 18 Tory MPs who did not support the Tory government's three-line whip in the Agriculture Act.

According to The Times, Boris Johnson now wants Chris Grayling (below) to chair the committee.

The National: Secretary of Transportation Chris Grayling

The group is currently sitting on a report on Russia's interference in British politics and the ties between Moscow and the Tories – publication has been delayed for months.

Villiers was dropped after voting for a change that would have prohibited chlorinated chicken entry under a trade agreement with the United States.

She explained her rejection of chlorine detergents and said: “Many debates have been about the UK and EU ban on chlorinated chicken. While science is controversial, there can be little doubt that chlorine and other post-production disinfectants are used to compensate for poor hygiene during rearing and slaughter.

“Such washes have been banned in the UK since the 1980s because our approach has been to require higher hygiene standards in all phases of production.

"This is a far more effective way to protect human health and also promotes better animal welfare and less use of antibiotics."

Over a million people in the UK have signed a petition to ban the import of food that is currently illegal to produce after Brexit.

There are fears that imported products such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef could undermine farmers and standards.

Tory Environment Minister George Eustice has insisted that the government will protect food and welfare standards in post-Brexit trade agreements.

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