The Video Game Hall Of Fame Adds Four New Games To Its Roster

The Video Game Hall of Fame has recently added four new games to its growing list, according to a press release.

Four new video games have been inducted into the video game's Hall of Fame

According to a recent release, The Video Game Hall of Fame has recently added four new, ten-year defining games to its list, namely "Bejeweled", "Centipede", "King & # 39; s Quest" and "Minecraft".

The longlist, which was shared in March of this year, also included bestselling games such as "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves", "Goldeneye 007", "Guitar Hero", "NBA Jam", "Nokia Snake", "Super Smash Bros" Melee "and" Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? “However only Four of them made it into the Hall of Fame Thanks to a public vote and the election of the International Selection Advisory Committee.

“These 12 finalists in the World Video Game Hall of Fame have had a major impact on the development of video games or popular culture. Together, these games help tell the story of the game industry and its impact on society. Nokia Snake has proven that mobile devices can be game platforms, and Bejeweled has taken this idea to a new level. Centipede was a hit in the early arcade, and Frogger jumped out of the arcade to become an icon of pop culture. King’s Quest has changed the adventure genre of games forever, and a game like Uncharted 2 has pushed the boundaries of storytelling and art in video games, ”said Jon-Paul Dyson, director of the International Center for Electronic History Games shared by The Strong when the longlist first appeared with the public, said.

“Minecraft offers a retro simplicity that reminds you of fondly remembered days on 8-bit computers. Minecraft grew up at a time when indie gaming had emerged to give individual developers a greater say in the games they developed, and no game is a better representative of this movement than this bestselling hit creation. Andrew Borman, curator of digital games at the National Museum of Play, said.

The Game Game Hall of Fame, based in Ottumwa, Iowa, was founded to "honor the highlights of the video game age and preserve the artifacts and memorabilia of this dynamic industry".

Video gameVideo games combine all types of media, from music to visual arts to programming. Anton Porsche / Pixabay

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