The corporate press is back to the ‘migrant invasion’ propaganda again

The response of the corporate press to refugees crossing the English Channel shows that little has changed in five years. That is, right-wing politicians and tabloids continue to roll out the narrative “Migrant Invasion” for their own purposes. ignore the fact that lots Of those people are refugees and asylum seekers – and the role Britain has played in getting them into that position in the first place.

Let's deal with the facts

BBC News reported A record number of people came across the canal from France on Thursday, August 6th. That year it was almost 4,000. The total on Thursday was 235. But like that BBC said:

In 2019, around 677,000 people moved to the UK as long-term immigrants for reasons such as work or study.

There were also 49,000 asylum applications.

Thus, the 4,000 unauthorized canal arrivals represent less than 1% of all immigrants in the last year.

And like it too written downthe number of British asylum seekers is much lower than in European countries:

The number of asylum seekers arriving and applying for residence in other European countries is far higher than in the UK. Last year around 165,600 sought asylum in Germany, 129,000 in France and 118,000 in Spain.

Don't look here!

But if you believed the right-wing corporate press and alleged "politicians" like Nigel Farage, you would think there was a "invasion"Done (the words of the Brexit party leader). A former Guardian Journalist summed up the situation best. When he tweeted:

Yes, the right front pages of the last few days have been shaped by the refugee situation. Of course, most of the comments failed to acknowledge the obvious: many people who sought refuge in Britain came from countries in chaos; Chaos in which our country was involved.

The reality

How BBC News asked and then replied:

Where do the channel migrants come from?

In short, the poorest and most chaotic parts of the world. The new arrivals included entire families from Yemen, Eritrea, Chad, Egypt, Sudan, and Iraq.

Great Britain was involved in:

  • Political and physically, the war waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.
  • Eritrea, whose dictator Isaias Afwerki the United Kingdom historically welcomed very happy here; something we seem to be in the habit of to do.
  • Chad, whose chaos reigns composed through the western compound vortex in Libya.
  • Egypt and its military dictator General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi – again historical supported by Great Britain.
  • Former Britishcontrolled Sudan.

Little can be said about Iraq. In addition, the BBC doesn't even mention Syria – where Russian, US, and UK-tightened Chaos forced over Six million people are expected to flee the country. Britain is happily ruining other countries. But then it doesn't want to deal with the consequences.

here we go again

The writer Musa Okwonga also showed the other problem with the current media hype about the “illegal” “migrants”. Because it's nothing new:

Yet in a bizarre twist of irony that express screamed on August 8th that:

Brexit will make NO difference in preventing migrants from crossing the English Channel

The tabloid rag that stepped up Tory Minister Nick Gibb seemed to have forgotten its own 2016 front pages. Either that or it was ahead of the EU referendum. Because wasn't the UK's "migrant" problem the EU's fault?

Daily Express front pages

So much for "taking back control of our borders" – hey, Farage?

Propaganda overdrive

Current right-wing propaganda about refugees and migrants follows the same worn-out pattern as always. In times of national crisis, or when certain politicians have their own plans, the corporate media dutifully plays the “migrant card” in order to divert much of the public's anger to other areas. It is no different now than in the run-up to the EU referendum. And the right-wing tabloids unfortunately still seem to get away with it.

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