The best Alexa speakers of 2020: the top smart speakers to control your home

Admit it: you fall in love with Alexa. From music playback to setting timers to checking the weather and turning off your smart lights with just your voice, Amazon Echo's proprietary speech recognition software is irresistible.

Alexa is changing, however. Alexa has been blooming for years answering stupid questions and weed-sounding speakers made only by Amazon. In addition to a massively growing Alexa skills set, there is a new drive for sound quality.

From the audio-focused With Echo Studio and optimized versions of Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon is increasingly focused on providing users with a better sounding experience that third-party brands – from Bose to Sonos to Yamaha – have been obsessed with for a few years.

That doesn't mean there aren't an incredible number of Alexa-enabled speakers. Before buying, ask yourself what you really want. An alarm? A desktop gadget? An intercom-style video call device? Or a full-fledged home cinema system? All of these and other products are now controlled by Alexa when the smart speaker matures.

Here are the best Alexa speakers – Echo and others – for your smart home:

Sonos one

(Photo credit: Sonos)

1. Sonos One

A spectacular Alexa Smart speaker with a warm, precise sound stage

Fabulous sound quality

Hi-res audio


The setup takes a while

Is that the best intelligent speaker? After years of developing his own multi-room home audio system, Sonos produced the spectacular Sonos One with touch-sensitive controls, two digital Class D amplifiers, a mid-woofer and a tweeter. The sound stage is powerful, energetic and bassy.

It's easy to set up, with a nifty Trueplay tuning process (which requires you to run your phone around the room while playing test sounds) while a new update has just added hi-res audio to the mix. It is so good as a standalone speaker that You can even buy it without Alexa.

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cheap Amazon Echo deals sale price

(Photo credit: Amazon)

2. Amazon Echo Studio

Dolby Atmos immersive sound

Easy adjustment

Big size doesn't suit everyone

3D audio is so-so

Amazon's first high-end smart speaker for home theaters is the best sounding echo yet. Buy two Amazon Echo Studio speakers and you can set them up in the Alexa app to create an impressive home theater system.

It's really impressive, but to get the most out of it, you should become a subscriber Amazon Music HD. Our only complaint is that mixing stereo tracks into Dolby Atmos is inconsistent.

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Amazon Echo Point

(Photo credit: Amazon)

3rd Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

A smart home gateway with improved audio quality

Compact fabric design

Clear call quality

Missing 3.5 mm AUX connection

Basic sound quality

With this third generation of Echo Dot, the latest version of Amazon's super-small smart speaker, you can control your smart home and stream music from similar vendors Spotify and Amazon Music, as well as hands-free calls.

We love the compact size, the neat, rounded design and the fabric surface as well as the improved sound quality compared to previous versions of the Echo Dot. However, there is no additional 3.5mm jack to connect to an additional speaker, no built-in LED clock, and the sound quality – although improved over previous versions – is no match for the larger, more expensive products in the Echo range.

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amazon echo 2019 3rd gen

(Photo credit: Amazon)

4th Amazon Echo (3rd generation)

The Echo 2019 sounds better than ever

Improved sound quality

Incredibly versatile

Similar to Echo Plus

Not much is new

Is it worth updating your old echo to this new one? Probably not, but it's still an excellent smart speaker that offers better sound quality than that Second generation echo.

This new Echo, which is very similar in appearance to the Echo Plus and is unique in Twilight Blue and available in the standard colors Charcoal, Heather and Sandstone, uses this Echo PlusIdentical neodymium drivers and 3-inch woofers. It's not exciting, but the latest Echo is one of the most versatile options from Amazon's Echo range.

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Amazon Echo dot with clock

(Photo credit: Amazon)

5. Amazon Echo Dot with clock

This optimized Echo Dot is ideal for a bedside table

Tap-to-snooze alarm

3.5mm AUX connector

The sound quality is overwhelming

Basic built-in microphone

There's not much to look forward to, the latest version of the Echo Dot. That is, unless the question you ask Alexa most often is, "What time is it?"

If you are – or specifically looking for a smart device for a kitchen or bedside table – the Amazon Echo Dot with clock is your ideal echo. This is because the only real difference between a normal Echo Dot and this version is a segmented LED clock display that runs around the slim fabric grill on the front of the Dot. As a bonus, you can tap the top of the device to turn off alarms.

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cheap Bose speakers offers retail prices

(Image credit: Bose)

If you're looking for the best sounding smart speaker, stop searching. With The slim home speaker 500 made of anodized aluminum and integrated in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa offers not only the room-filling sound but also smarts.

With an 8-microphone array for near and far field, you can speak to Alexa even with loud music. However, setting up the speaker on a Wi-Fi network using the Bose Music app is more difficult than it should be.

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Echo point

(Photo credit: Amazon)

7. Amazon Echo Spot

The best looking echo speaker so far is all about video chat

Delete video

Whimsical design

The video is cropped on the screen


Against the Echo Show 5 for the title "Best Compact Smart Display". The Echo Spot in mango size is the cheaper and better looking of the two.

With a round 5.5-inch screen that's about the size of a smartphone, it's cute and quirky and can be used anywhere in a house. It is ideal for intercom-style video chats throughout the home and beyond. It crops widescreen video and zooms in to fit faces on the circular screen, and the tiny speaker is surprisingly good.

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(Photo credit: Yamaha)

8. Yamaha YAS-209

An intelligent soundbar with an impressive sound experience

Large sound stage

DTS: VirtualX


No "real" surround sound

Why shouldn't Alexa deal with home entertainment?

Even though Alexa was brought into the living room, the headline is on this 2.1 channel Soundbar is audio quality. It has a 100 W driver and a power of 200 W for the entire system, distributed over two front speakers and a separate wireless subwoofer. Cue a large sound stage with clear, clear vocals, well-integrated bass and – thanks to DTS Virtual: X processing – an impressive sound experience.

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