Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights domains point to potential game reveals

Warner Bros. appears to have registered web domains for a Suicide Squad game and a Batman title called Gotham Knights.

As discovered by Resetera, the two Domains were registered this month by MarkMonitor Inc, the same domain broker that was used for other WB Interactive websites including

The web domain was also registered this week.

WB Games Montreal recently urged fans to "stay tuned" to their social channels after more than seven months unveiling a Batman game.

The studio, which created Batman Arkham Origins in 2013, has been teasing a new game in series since September last year when it released Batman-related images on its Twitter page.

The posts were shared – and later deleted – by Batman comic book author Scott Snyder, who suggested that they were related to that Court of Owls Action.

The UK-based Rocksteady, who developed the original Arkham games, is reportedly expected to launch its new game at E3 2020 this month before the show is canceled.

Rocksteady has not released a game since Batman: Arkham Knight 2015 and Batman: Arkham VR 2016.

The game director announced that the studio will not be demonstrating its project under development at The Game Awards in December 2018 Sefton Hill said: "When it's done, you'll be the first to know. Spoiler: It's not a Superman."

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