Sharp FXJ80UW Air Purifier – Review 2020

COVID-19 and increasing air pollution make many people think about investing in an intelligent air purifier. The Sharp FXJ80UW for $ 599.99 is recommended for rooms up to 50 square meters in size and is an Energy Star-certified air purifier with Wi-Fi connection that performs twice as well: its HEPA filter traps allergens like pollen , Dust, skin flakes and smoke in the air. The Plasmacluster Ion technology reduces odors and destroys many microscopic pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, germs, molds and viruses. The FXJ80UW offers numerous functions, including a spot mode for carpets and furniture, planning options and Amazon Alexa support. For large rooms, it is definitely worth considering.

How the FXJ80UW works

The FXJ80UW has a large inlet on the back through which it draws in air. The air flows through a pre-filter that traps dust and other large particles in the air, an activated carbon deodorization filter and a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filter before it is discharged through air outlets on the front and top of the device.

The FXJ80UW has a large inlet on the back through which it draws in air

To meet current standards, HEPA filters are tested and certified to remove at least 99.97 percent of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. How wire cutter A recent NASA study reported that HEPA filters can capture almost 100 percent of particles as small as 0.01 micrometers (or 10 nanometers), which is far above the standard. To put this in perspective: COVID-19 is about 60 to 140 nanometers In diameter.

The FXJ80UW complements its HEPA filtration with Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion technology, which is used to remove microscopic contaminants that conventional filters escape. A plasma cluster ion generation unit on the left side of the machine generates positively and negatively charged ions using water and oxygen molecules in the air and distributes them throughout the room. The ions then actively bind to air pollutants such as bacteria, mold and viruses and break them down before they return to the air as invisible water vapor. According to Sharp, the technology reduced 94 percent of E. coli bacteria, up to 87.7 percent of mold and 90.3 percent of the MS2 virus in a closed laboratory within four hours. For more information on Sharp's Plasmacluster technology, go to Head here.

The main concern of ion purifiers is the production of ozone gas molecules, a lung irritant that can worsen asthma symptoms and cause a a variety of other health problems. The FXJ80UW is EPA compliant and certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), making it safe to use in your home for extended periods of time. Sharp says it produces a maximum eight-hour maximum ozone concentration of 0.003 ppm, or four times less than the lowest industry and federal standards set by the FDA, OSHA, and NIOSH. It is also Energy Star certifiedTherefore, this should not have a significant impact on your electricity bill.

Design and functions

The FXJ80UW measures 28.7 x 16.4 x 11.5 inches (HWD) and weighs an impressive 23.8 pounds. There are handles on the sides that make carrying easier. Since it has an air outlet at the front, it also serves as a fan when you sit in front of it, but it can't swing like the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier for $ 499.99.

There is also a neat looking air quality monitor light on the front that changes color depending on the air purity. Blue means that the air is clean and red means that it is impure. Underneath there is a display field with symbols with which you can quickly monitor the air quality, check whether various functions are activated and whether the filters need to be serviced.

It doesn't come with a remote control, but it does connect to Wi-Fi so you can control it from your phone using the Sharp Air mobile app (available for Android and iOS). It works with Amazon Alexa voice commands. The device also has a control panel at the top with buttons that you can use to control the various functions.

You'll probably need to keep the user guide handy when you get used to it, as there are many buttons, modes, and functions. Using the control panel, you can turn the device on and off, connect to Wi-Fi, adjust the fan speed, activate auto mode, control the display, lock the control panel so that children cannot play around with it, and set a timer, so that it turns on or off after a certain number of hours.

In auto mode, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to the amount of dust and odors in the air. The fan speed button allows you to switch between low, medium, max, pollen and sleep modes. In pollen mode, the sensitivity of the dust sensor increases so that the device can more quickly detect allergens such as dust and pollen and remove them from the air. In idle mode, the front display and the air quality monitoring lamp automatically switch off or on depending on the room brightness, the machine works more quietly and the fan speed automatically adapts to the air quality.

With the display button you can switch between the values ​​for PM2.5 (microscopic particles with a size of less than 2.5 micrometers), the power consumption (watts), the percentage of moisture content and the current room temperature.

The Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit

Additional buttons on the control panel enable you to activate and deactivate the Plasmacluster Ion function, the Express Clean mode and the Spot mode. In Express cleaning mode, the device releases plasma cluster ions with strong air flow for 10 minutes, purifies the air in the air for 50 minutes and then returns to the previous mode. In spot mode, it emits high-density plasma cluster ions in the forward direction for eight hours, and then returns to the previous mode. Sharp recommends spot mode for cleaning odors and germs from clothing, sofas and curtains.


Before using the FXJ80UW for the first time, be sure to remove the rear cover and remove the activated carbon and HEPA filters from the plastic bags. Then put them back in the air purifier and put the back cover back on. From there, simply place it on a flat, stable surface, connect it and press the power button.

This is the HEPA filter

To control it with your phone and monitor indoor air quality when you are away from home, you need to download the Sharp Air Mobile app and create an account. It is a breeze to connect the app to the device. Instructions included in the scope of delivery will guide you through the process.

When you log in to the app for the first time, you'll be asked to verify that your smart device is connected to the same 2.4 GHz WiFi network that your appliance is using. Then tap the three-bar icon and choose Pairing> Connect to a router.

From there, you will be asked to check and indicate whether your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button. You then select Air Purifier> FXJ80U and follow the instructions in the app. If you have a WPS button on your router, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the air purifier for only three seconds and the Wi-Fi indicator light on the front display starts to flash. Then press the WPS button on your router within two minutes. When connected, the air purifier emits a sound and the WLAN indicator lights up constantly. If your router doesn't have a WPS button, it only takes a few extra steps to connect. After a successful connection, you can optionally activate the Sharp Cloud function, which adjusts the sensor sensitivity settings in auto mode based on your usage history to optimize the performance of the air purifier.

You can view your current air quality, room temperature and humidity in the Sharp Air app. You can turn the device on and off remotely. Select the airflow. Activate the modes Auto, Express Clean, Pollen and Sleep. and set a schedule.


When tested, the FXJ80UW performed well and gave absolutely no smell. I placed it in my dining room opposite the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool in my living room (I have a floor plan with an open concept) and the PM2.5, temperature and humidity values ​​were always either the same or very close to each other.

The auto mode of the FXJ80UW worked without any problems. Once I accidentally burned toast while testing, and the FXJ80UW sensed the smoke from another room. The air quality monitoring light went red and automatically increased the fan speed.

The FXJ80UW is one of the quietest large room air purifiers I've tested. In Max mode, it runs at only 49 dB (A) or quieter than a household refrigerator Yale University Environmental Health & Safety. I can't even hear it in depth. I am sensitive to loud noises, so his calmness is a big plus.

I had no problems controlling the air purifier through the app. If I changed the mode or the fan speed, my selected setting was immediately adopted. In addition, the FXJ80UW never had any problems connecting to the app, although I pulled it out of the socket to move it from room to room several times. I also own a Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier and find that sometimes I have problems connecting to its companion app when I unplug it and move it to another location. So I'm glad the FXJ80UW doesn't have this problem.

A minor annoyance, however, is that the Sharp Air app isn't always automatically updated with the latest FXJ80UW air quality, humidity, and temperature values. The top left of the app shows when it was last updated. Sometimes you need to press a manual refresh button to see the latest readings.

Another criticism is that the app does not show your air quality history. In comparison, the companion app of the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier shows graphs of your average air quality on the last day and every week a month ago.

One area in which the Sharp Air app excels is planning. You can select a time, days of the week and switching on and off. When you turn it on, you can choose which mode or fan speed to run it in. In comparison, the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier can only set a timer for up to nine hours.

I had no problem setting it up to work with Amazon Alexa and controlling it with voice commands. To connect, just search and activate the Sharp Air skill in the Alexa app, then log in with your Sharp Air credentials and you're good to go. Once connected, you can start the FXJ80UW with commands such as "Alexa, ask Sharp Air to turn on the air cleaner" or "Alexa, ask Sharp Air to set the mode to" Hibernate ".


HEPA filters can be expensive and are not recyclable. The good news, however, is that you should use the FXJ80UW's filter for about two years before you need to replace it. The activated carbon deodorizing filter has approximately the same service life. A replacement HEPA filter costs $ 90 and the activated carbon deodorization filter costs $ 80.

This is the activated carbon deodorization filter

To get the best performance you need to clean the FXJ80UW and its filters regularly. The filter maintenance light comes on after approximately 720 hours of operation (once a month if you operate it 24 hours a day). When you see this light, you should disconnect the machine from the power supply, wipe it with a dry cloth and vacuum the rear wall (pre-filter). If the back wall is dirty, you can soak it in soap and water for about 10 minutes. Just make sure it's completely dry before putting it back on.

With the rear wall switched off, you can remove the HEPA and activated carbon deodorization filters and carefully dust them off. You can check the exchange status of filters in the app at any time.

As part of the maintenance process, you should also remove and clean the electrode section of the Plasmacluster Ion Generation Unit. Sharp contains instructions for this in the operating instructions and provides a small brush that you can conveniently store in the device.

Remove the Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit

If you are put off by the cost and environmental impact of HEPA filters, we recommend the Airdog X5 air cleaner with washable catch plates to reduce maintenance costs and waste.

Comparisons and conclusions

The Sharp FXJ80UW is a unique intelligent air purifier that provides a double line of defense against air pollutants and uses HEPA filtration in combination with ion technology to purify the air of dust, dander, pollen, smoke, bacteria, fungi, germs, molds and pollutants viruses. It connects to Wi-Fi so you can control it from your phone and monitor your air quality using the Sharp Air app. It works with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Left to right: Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier, Sharp FXJ80UW

In the high-end market for intelligent air purifiers, we also like the Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier, which is more attractive and compact, and at the same time acts as an oscillating fan. The FXJ80UW costs $ 100 more, but justifies its premium with ion cleaning, a spot mode for furniture, more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and better planning options. Both are solid options depending on your preferences and budget. And if you want to add a humidifier to the mix, the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is another great choice, albeit a more expensive one at $ 799.99.

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