Seafood importer issues no deal Brexit warning

The seafood importer is not issuing a Brexit warning

An importer of fish, meat and poultry said the biggest threat to business is the UK leaving the EU without a deal in late 2020.

Ruskim Seafoods, headquartered in Telford, was founded in 1982 to supply shrimp to Chinese restaurants and takeaways. Today the company is a major importer, distributor and wholesaler of seafood, meat and poultry for the Asian food service sector.

Ruskim Seafoods, which also includes Newcastle, Leeds, Warminster, London, Livingston and Navan in Ireland, said a no-deal would result in tariffs being imposed on imported goods and delays in ports due to increased border controls and paperwork as well "Turbulence" in the foreign exchange markets.

However, the company added that it was "unlikely" as "it is in both parties' interests to see a deal".

The warning comes in new documents filed with Companies House for the year ended June 30, 2019.

During the year, the company had sales of £ 101.6 million versus £ 100.7 million, while profit before tax rose from $ 403,811 to £ 563,582.

A statement signed by the board of directors reads: "Following the World Health Organization's declaration of Covid-19 as a global pandemic and the restrictions introduced in the first quarter of 2020, there was of course an impact on the operations of the group after the reporting year.

"We have implemented plans to protect the interests of the company, our customers and broader stakeholders, while prioritizing the need to keep workplaces as safe as possible for our employees and customers.

"The Board of Directors believes that the actions we are taking will alleviate some of the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and we are confident that the company has sufficient working capital to keep operations going."

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