Rugby clubs facing uncertain futures

Will Rees, director of Bedwas RFC, told Caerphilly Observer: “Just as we were returning to a position where we could operate fully, the lock crept into view.

"We are a non-profit organization and support various teams from junior level to our first team, the operation of which costs all money."


Like many clubs, Bedwas relies heavily on earnings from events this season, from weddings and concerts to their outdoor music festival Bedwas Rocks.

Welsh clubs were able to access funding through the Welsh government's Economic Resilience Fund and charity grant. However, there are concerns that this funding will not fully cover the club overhead if the ban goes on for an extended period of time.


Rees continued: “We would much rather act than rely on handouts. Match days are our biggest earners for the club and they really help as we get closer to the end of the season.

“There are also concerns about the greater economic impact and when we can get sponsors again.

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“The good news is that community support from the floods means that we will have amazing new facilities here when we reopen. We can then continue to offer an affordable venue and become a social center for all of our members again. "

In a statement to Welsh clubs, WRU chairman Gareth Davies said: “Our stated goal at the beginning of this crisis was to take all of our clubs with us and to see everyone on the other side.

“In March we granted our clubs a £ 1,000 payment from a hardship fund to help combat the effects of the current crisis. This was in addition to the specific funding for clubs affected by the recent Storm Dennis flooding issues and our regular quarterly exam payment to clubs was made at the end of April as usual. "

According to a nationwide club survey, the WRU predicts that most of its clubs will continue to be sustainable over the next six months.

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