‘Ridiculous!’ Head of Cornwall’s Brussels Office wanted

Adam Paynter visits the & # 39; Cornish Embassy & # 39; in Brussels (December 2018)

The conservative faction in the Cornwall Council has beaten the ruling liberal-democratic / independent government for promoting the head of an office in Brussels, despite "pleading poverty to the government to help people living in Cornwall".

The office at the European Commission, also known as the Cornish Embassy, ​​has been established for a number of years.

Cornwall Council promotes a Head of the Brussels office located "At the center of EU decision-making in Brussels".

Linda Taylor, Chair of the Conservative Group on the Cornwall Council

Conservative group leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

"If we take the government money and instead of benefiting Cornwall, we spend it on an office in Brussels. It's just outrageous, especially at this point. Could someone tell this Libdem / Indie government that we have left the EU? "

"The Cornwall Council has not yet withdrawn its official position in support of a second referendum, which was pushed through by a cabal of liberal-democratic EU fanatics against the will of the Cornish people. This latest ad shows us that they clearly still live in the cloud cuckoo country. "

“A firm message needs to be sent to the administration on behalf of the Cornish people, the majority of whom voted for Brexit and for parties promoting this goal. Stop wasting taxpayers' money on these ambitions, especially now. and use it to support the people and companies who pay your wages! "

Adam Paynter visits the Cornish Embassy in Brussels (December 2018)

Deputy Conservative Group Leader Cllr David Harris said:

“At a time when the Cornwall Council faces unprecedented financial problems and is looking for central government support, which, according to today's announcements, will appear shortly to cover the cost of Covid-19, it can still find the money he can waste a Brussels office. "

The job specification is even about "advocating for key areas of interest such as the CPMR," better known as the Peripheral Sea Regions Conference, to which we send delegates that nobody knew about until we had plans to host a CPMR conference in Newquay discovered earlier this year that the council wanted to pay £ 50,000 to "organizers" before the conference was canceled. "

"Totally ridiculous."


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