Rhianon Passmore MS hits out at British Airways amid Blackwood job loss fears

Ms. Passmore told Caerphilly Observer: “BA is currently unable to conduct legal consultations and has not communicated. Many workers have heard about BA job cuts in the media.

Rhianon Passmore, member of the Senedd for Islwyn

"IAG (BA's parent company) has strong profitability and BA has very healthy reserves."


Ms. Passmore, who represents Labor, accused BA of using the Covid 19 crisis as an excuse for "restructuring and erosion of terms and conditions while at the same time fully accepting public funds to maintain jobs".

She added: "This is wrong. BA cannot consult, has not cooperated, has not communicated and they have failed to work constructively with the unions.


“I urge BA, along with my MP and MS colleagues, to remove the notice now and work with all parties, including the Welsh government, to find a way to secure valued jobs.

"We simply cannot afford to lose high quality and well paid jobs in Blackwood and the valleys."

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Ms. Passmore was one of several Labor Senedd members and MPs who signed a letter to BA asking questions such as the number of employees at risk of dismissal and how many employees could be affected by broader proposals. and how much BA has received from the UK government for vacation.

Islwyn MP Chris Evans said he was "pleased" to have his name included in the letter and he hoped "British Airways listens to our concerns and has a meaningful dialogue to save jobs."

Caerphilly MP Wayne David and Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney MP Gerald Jones also signed the letter.

In a statement, British Airways said that "now is to protect as many jobs as possible".

The company added: “The aerospace industry is facing the deepest structural change in its history and a strongly weakened global economy.

"We are committed to openly advising our unions and employees to prepare for a new future."

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