Regulations Will Make Demand for XRP ‘Skyrocket’, Says Crypto Analyst

Popular Twitter user CryptoWhale says XRP will skyrocket as market regulations increase. The anonymous trader said he intended to increase his XRP exposure after a correction in BTC and altcoins.

According to Crypto Analyst, the regulations will increase the demand for XRP "Skyrocket"

Popular Twitter cryptanalyst and contrarian investor CryptoWhale has told its 34,000 followers to bet on XRP in the event of market regulation.

According to a tweet he posted, CryptoWhale identified XRP as the only project in the entire cryptocurrency market pushing for stricter regulations.

The pseudonymous trader predicted that XRP's demand for the addition of market regulations would skyrocket, causing the altcoin to "wipe out" competing assets.

CryptoWhale went on to say governments preferred the "transparency" of XRP and praised parent company Ripple's efforts to forge true partnerships rather than chasing after retail investors.

The contrarian investor said he had been an active investor in XRP since 2013 and planned to increase its exposure after a correction in the Bitcoin and Altcoin market.

In a series of tweets posted on Monday, CryptoWhale explained the reasons for investing in XRP, including the project that "x1000" is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.

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