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MCV August Cover Jo TwistThis month wWe are very happy to finally launch the Women in Games Awards 2020. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are still committed to celebrating the tremendous contribution of women in the gaming industry (be it in the office or from home!) More details about the awards and how to enter you'll find here, but we would too We would like to thank our sponsors for this year's event, without which this would not be possible: Rare, Facebook Gaming, Unity, EA, Creative Assembly, Hangar 13 and OPM Jobs.

2020 was a year like no other. The pandemic has destroyed life and the economy, while problems of racial prejudice and sexual harassment have affected the world and industry. But do all of these challenges pull the industry together or apart? We speak to Dr. Jo Twist, OBE, about a really tough year – and it's only August.

Next we sit down with the team behind the title Crayta, the first Stadia title to use the state share function. We are discovering the enormous potential that cloud games have for such titles, eliminate frictional losses and open up game development for people from all walks of life.

OFCOM's Online Nation report looks in depth at Britain's gaming habits and their evolution since 2015 in the era of live service gaming: popular genres, spending patterns and exposure to toxic behavior. We look at the results.

While the successful Planet Coaster theme park simulator finds its way to current and next-generation consoles, we sit down with the Frontier Developments team to learn more about the work behind such a transition

The switch has spawned a variety of independent games in the past three years, but developers are beginning to talk about the limitations of the eShop. We find out how developers struggle to watch their titles on the platform

There is a new press and PR platform that manages review keys, assets, press releases, reports and more. We talk to Gareth Williams and Phil Collins about Press Engine

With the launch of Stadia last year and the departure of xCloud from the preview later this year, cloud gaming finally has its moment. For more retro-style thrills, however, there's the brave British Antstream. We meet with CEO Steve Cottam.

We also take a look behind the scenes of Metro 2033, which is celebrating its tenth birthday, and see how it laid the foundation for the hugely successful franchise.

There are also our latest hires and moves in the industry, regular customers for development, and our final boss who is James Brooksby of Absolutely Games this month.

T.The latest digital edition may be Read here for free (and is embedded below) and here is the full content of this month's edition:

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