Razer Re-Launches The Naga Left-Handed Edition Gaming Mouse

Shaver Naga Gaming Mouse

As a right-handed person, I know that with many versions of the product, I typically won't encounter many ergonomic issues. However, it is hard to ignore that left-handed people generally tend to reach the short end of the wand in the vast majority of "hand-related" products. To solve this problem, Razer announced the restart of its Naga gaming mouse. A design especially for left-handers!

Shaver Naga Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Left Handed Edition Gaming Mouse

Razer was first released in 2014 and moved the "Naga" after about a year citing poor sales. However, it appears they are ready to try again, recently announcing that it is back on sale. Some of its main features include:

  • Real ergonomic design for left-handers
  • 19 + 1 programmable buttons
  • Razer Focus + Optical Sensor
Shaver Naga Gaming Mouse

What does Razer have to say?

“As the only gaming company to develop dedicated left-handed gaming mice, we believe that the unfair advantage should be held by everyone. Supported by a passionate community, we are proud to present the new, improved Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition – a true ergonomic MMO gaming mouse for left-handers.

For gamers. From players. "

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgOpg2CY3RE (/ embed)

Price & availability

The Razer Naga gaming mouse is available to order now (directly from its website) and can be purchased for $ 99.99. Therefore, if you want to learn more about it and possibly place your order, you can visit the official product website via the link here!

Simply put, if you're left-handed and tired of dealing with right-handed gaming mouse designs, this may be for you. Expect these retailers to hit retailers (and possibly Ned Flanders' Leftorium) in the next few days!

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Shaver Naga Gaming Mouse

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