Playing Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming with Bitcoins

Now is the time to talk about it Live Dream Catcher Money Wheel from Evolution Gaming, We chose it for two reasons. Since it's winter and it's pretty cold outside, there's no better fun than sitting comfortably at home and making some money doing fun activities. Second, this game just doesn't age a bit. It is becoming more popular every day and is therefore offered by all major online casino platforms.

Dream Catcher is operated by a real person and that's something that the audience really likes. Dream Catcher outperformed other automated games. The proof of this statement is the fact that renowned online providers such as LeoVegas, Casumo, Bitcoin Casino, Live Casino and Paradise Casino already booked this game in the early development phase. Everyone expected big things from it and the game delivered.

The game is (in the truest sense of the word) about a large vertically mounted money wheel, which is littered with different colors and numbers. Players can wager money on numbers that match a specific color.

If a certain number occurs frequently, it means that its value drops significantly. The less often the number is drawn, the greater the reward if the player guesses it. The numbers and colors are not only two options for betting, there are also multipliers (x2 and x7 multiplier). Players need to know that bets can only be placed BEFORE the round begins. Players bet with chips worth € 1.00, € 5.00, € 25.00, € 500.00 and € 1000. The screen is quite user-friendly, so it is not that difficult to find out everything.

The game is usually played with real money, but there is a place where you can use bitcoins in this game. This place is called Bitcoin Casino ( Bitcoin Casino is the future of gaming. This online venue is one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency game. The site was developed exclusively for players who value fun, fast and fair experience. The website has developed a payment system for cryptocurrencies to enable their customers to make quick withdrawals that are secured anonymously and effortlessly by the blockchain. On this page, you can play games like a dream catcher without fear that your winnings will be delayed or blocked for any reason. Bitcoin Casino is the place where players are protected from fraud and their money is treated with the greatest care.

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