Plans to Spearhead a Business Resurgence in North Wales Underway

The results of a wide-ranging survey launched this week will trigger plans to spur business in North Wales.

The study, carried out by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board's program office on behalf of the six local authorities, focuses on the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on regional businesses and their industries in order to understand what is needed to be done Trigger and support resuscitation when the blocking restrictions are lifted.

The data will help to inform councils and the region about the emerging situation and to guide the planning that is already underway in order to boost and renew the economy in the short and medium term.

It will also feed into the long-term growth vision and strategy to improve infrastructure, create jobs and generate investment when businesses need it most.

The North Wales Growth Deal is an integral part of this vision, and program director Alwen Williams encourages people across all sectors to take part in the survey and make a difference for coronavirus companies and future generations.

Representatives working on behalf of local authorities will also call owners and managers to collect their responses and use them to design suggestions and priorities.

"The evidence gathered will be instrumental in fully understanding the most pressing issues facing all sectors in North Wales and finding the best ways to move forward," said Alwen.

“Then we will know where we are, what the priority areas are, what to do and how we can help these companies find their way around.

“There are many challenges, and the first one that we have to deal with is to find out exactly what awaits us, which areas need the most support – for example hospitality and tourism – and what can be realistically achieved in the short term to generate renewed optimism. "

The program office will attempt to assess the impact in different counties and sectors, the size of the companies and the magnitude of the Covid 19 crisis.

There will also be examples of good practice and positive results as some companies have adapted to the situation and have been able to use their machines and technologies to manufacture PPE (personal protective equipment), hand disinfectants or medical products.

However, the picture was largely bleak: companies encountered a variety of problems, namely loss of revenue and personnel, reduced productivity and sales, a disruption to the health and well-being of employees, and a temporary closure.

Alwen added:

"This is not a box ticking exercise. The information and insights from companies will form our understanding and help shape the way forward." We would welcome the opportunity to maintain communication with respondents so that we can see if progress is being made and if not how we can stimulate it.

“We ask people to participate, have their say, and provide as much information as possible so that we have a detailed report of what happens next. Everyone who answers the questions has contributed to getting the region back on its feet. "

To complete the survey, please Visit here (Welsh) or Here (English).

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