Pharmacies warned to stockpile drugs ready for Brexit – UK news

  • Pharmacies warned against storing medicines for Brexit

    The government has instructed pharmacies to increase their remaining stocks in anticipation of a Brexit disorder (Image: Shutterstock / i-Sucher). Pharmacies have been warned to hold six weeks' worth of medication in order to protect themselves from a possible Brexit disorder. The Ministry of Health has written to medicine. Suppliers advise them to make increasing their reserves a priority. The letter confirms the current position that ministers will not request an extension of the transition period p

  • Jed Mercurio, the inventor of Line of Duty, made a "secret" cameo in the first series - and nobody knew it at all

    The creator of Line of Duty, who was once seen in the first series (Image: BBC), the creator of Line of Duty, Jed Mercurio, once made a "secret" cameo in the series – and no one had any idea . When he went on Twitter, Jed shared the behind-the-scenes shot of his cameo, showing how he drove a car in the first series. The scene in which Jed appeared was when Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates (Lennie James) and Jackie Laverty (Gina McKee) were driving together in a car. Although unknown to us Jed was in the approx

  • Glass Door on £ 300 Bush Washer "Explodes"

    Claire Barnes of Haverhill, West Suffolk, was appalled when the 304 pound device she had had for three months was malfunctioning.

  • Sam Neill thrilled the fans when he reunited with the Jurassic Park hat to start filming a new film

    Sam Neill meets up again with his Jurassic Park hat when he starts filming the new film. Sam Neill delighted fans everywhere when he confirmed that he had started filming Jurassic World's third film.
    The 72-year-old actor starred in the original Jurassic Park film, released back in 1993, and is back on board to face deadly dinosaurs for the latest installment of Jurassic World. On Twitter, Sam announced that filming had already started Jurassic World: Domin

  • MSNBC reporter announces network says make a money "cancer"

    Ariana Pekary posted the letter online yesterday after leaving the network where she had worked as a producer for shows like Up Late with Alec Baldwin for seven years.

  • Man beaten by gang because he asked her to wear masks in France

    A father of two feared he would be killed after being knocked out by two men swinging baseball bats after asking one of them to wear a face mask in a laundry in France.

  • Kellyanne Conway's teenage daughter describes Trump as a "fucking idiot".

    Kellyanne Conway's teenage daughter Claudia retweeted a post from US President Donald Trump that the schools should be reopened. She added the heading: "You are a damned idiot".

  • Donald Trump suggests that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in a car accident television interview

    Donald Trump suspected that Jeffrey Epstein might have been murdered when asked why he sent best wishes to Epstein's ex-Ghislaine Maxwell (Photo: Axios / Getty). Donald Trump has fueled conspiracy theories that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and did not kill himself during a break TV interview. The President of the United States raised the conspiracy theory about the death of pedophile Epstein three times in a Manhattan prison in August 2019 during an interview with Axios.

  • Moesha Cast: Where Are Brandy, Lamont Bentley, and Countess Vaughn Now?

    Brandy played Moesha in the popular sitcom from the nineties – which can now be seen on Netflix (Image: Nickelodeon). Netflix US users can relive the joy of the successful 90s Moesha show when the streaming platform finally gave fans what they asked for is one of the many legendary black sitcoms, the new and old viewers in the will be available in the coming months. The show is known to have focused on the life of teen Mo (Brandy Norwood) from South Central and her family

  • Ted Cruz calls riots "organized terrorist attacks" and BLM "Marxists".

    The Texas Republican told Fox News that "violent unrest is not spontaneous" but "organized terrorist attacks" to break the government down.

  • Couple sell four bedroom house for £ 850,000 and it comes with a cattery that fits almost 100 cats

    How the look of this property? (Image: Everett, Masson & Furby Group / SWNS) A retired couple sells their four-bedroom house for £ 850,000 and comes complete with a cattery that can accommodate almost 100 cats. Wendy and Graham Jones, both of whom are in their home in the mid-1970s, moved to the Timbers Cattery site in Norwich, Norfolk in 2004. They said that almost 16 years ago, the nearly 1-acre land was a small, run-down place with a few small wooden sheds in the background over the y

  • When are A-level results published, how are they evaluated and can you collect them at school?

    The final day is just around the corner (Image: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images). In a historic premiere, students across the UK will soon receive their national school exam results without actually taking an exam. The school exams were held for the first time in the history of this year after the country was banned in March to curb the spread of the coronavirus. And now the "results" have started – starting with Scotland – where the students got their Scottish today

  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in favor of Manchester United signing another central defender

    Solskjaer plans a big transfer window for United (Image: Getty) Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insists that Manchester United is always looking to improve his squad, but denied that a new central defender was at the top of his transfer agenda this summer, according to speculation the Norwegian is interested in signing a partner for Harry Maguire, with the Red Devils most recently linked to Villarreal defender Pau Torres. Solskjaer was asked if the defense was a position he wanted to strengthen this summer, but the Un

  • You can now get your hands on Paul Mescal's signed GAA shorts from Normal People ... and for a good cause

    To view this video, please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5video
    Paul Mescal's appearance in Normal People made many viewers obsessed with silver chains and GAA shorts. And now you can get your hands on Connell Waldron's latest shorts in the least creepy way. The 24-year-old Mescal signed a pair of the blue Gaelic football shorts he wore at Normal People and auctions them for a good cause. The actor donated

  • PC Andrew Harper's killers have the sentences checked for an "inappropriately mild" allegation

    The Attorney General was asked to check whether the sentences imposed on the PC Harper killers were too mild (Image: PA). The Attorney General was asked to investigate whether the prison terms were too mild for the three teenagers who killed PC Andrew Harper. Henry Long, 19, the driver of the car that killed Mr. Harper, was detained on Friday for manslaughter at Old Bailey for 16 years. The other two occupants of the car, 18-year-old Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, f

  • What did Ellen DeGeneres say in her apology letter and was the Ellen Show canceled?

    Ellen DeGeneres 'chat show was investigated because it allegedly disrupted her employees' behavior behind the scenes (PIcture: Getty Images). Ellen DeGeneres' chat show is currently at the center of an internal investigation after alleging behind-the-scenes issues – scene behavior among his employees. The TV show has been under fire for allegations of former workers in recent weeks, with a recent damned revelation highlighting claims that workers were wrong

  • Woman, 52, was charged with murdering a newborn son in 1988

    California-based 52-year-old Lesa Lopez was charged with murder, use of a lethal weapon and serious physical harm when she killed her young son in 1988, who was found in a paper bag near a stream.

  • Sherrie Hewson was "completely broken" by her brother Brett's death when she praised daughter Keeley's support

    To view this video, please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5video
    Sherrie Hewson revealed that she was "completely broken" after her beloved brother's tragic death. Brett Hutchinson died in April after fighting a brain tumor and pneumonia – but the Coronation Street star could not personally say goodbye to a result of the Coronavirus guidelines. And when she performed at Loose Women, she praised daughter Keeley for

  • Coronavirus Spain: The hotel in Mallorca closes because ten employees are infected

    The Club Cala Barca Hotel in Mallorca is the first on the holiday island to be closed after an outbreak of the corona virus. 10 employees and four of their relatives fell ill.

  • Youngsters who made $ 70,000 a month show how Australians can start their own business at home

    Lachlan Delchau-Jones (18) and Taylor Reilly (19) from Brisbane built a successful online business overnight and sold handicraft and hobby products to bored Australians who are stuck at home

  • MSNBC reporter announces with a devastating letter describing the news network as "cancer" that makes money.

    Ariana Pekary posted the letter online yesterday after leaving the network where she had worked as a producer for shows like Up Late with Alec Baldwin for seven years.

  • Black family arrested at gunpoint when police suspected car theft

    Bystander material has emerged on social media, showing the moment when Aurora police officers in Colorado arrested a driver and a group of young girls in the parking lot of a used goods store on Sunday morning.

  • PS5 price reveal event date later this month suggests the latest rumor

    Just say how much it already costs! (Photo: Sony) This week's State Of Play event may not be talking about PS5, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until September for more news. Sony announces a new State Of Play storefront and then says it doesn't mean everything important on PlayStation 5 is one of the strangest twists in the ongoing saga to reveal the next generation of consoles, but the odds are fortunate that this will not be the only Sony event this month. According to a report by Bloomberg, a P.

  • Poor children may not go to school if free transportation under 18 years of age is canceled

    U18-year-olds in the capital have used a Zip Oyster card to access free public transport, but it will soon be suspended (Image: Reuters). The UK government is under increasing pressure to reverse its controversial decision to cut free public transport for U18-year-olds More than 120,000 people have signed a petition calling on UK officials to stop plans to suspend free travel for children and young people to consider in the context of a Transport for London (TfL) C in the amount of GBP 1.6 billion

  • Argos opens an investigation after the glass door of a woman's 300-pound Bush washing machine was blown up

    Claire Barnes of Haverhill, West Suffolk, was appalled when the 304 pound device she had had for three months was malfunctioning.

  • Neighborhood stoush over a fence that led to a bizarre water battle and a grandma ended up in prison

    Anne O & # 39; Donnell (86) and her neighbor Kate Wood (56) were once friends before being involved in an ugly dispute over a stain between their neighboring Perth homes.

  • Shaun Murphy gives two names to the Snooker World Cup, but leaves out Judd Trump

    Who will win the World Snooker Championship Trophy this year? (Image: Getty Images) Shaun Murphy has named Ronnie O & # 39; Sullivan a favorite for winning the World Snooker Championship this year, though he hasn't ruled out his good friend Mark Allen for the melting pot's fame. The magician was beaten in the first round of the tournament by Noppon Saengkham, who lost 10: 4 against the Thai player when he was the second seed to drop the first hurdle after Dave Gilbert. The early exit was painful, b

  • The mother of a murdered teenager wants life-saving “bleeding sets” on the street to stab the victims

    Yemi Hughes, mother of Andre Aderemi, campaigns for life-saving bleeding sets all over London (Image: gofundme). The mother of a teenager chopped to death with a sword calls for first aid kits specifically designed to treat stab wounds Yemi Hughes' son, Andre Aderemi, 19, was born almost exactly four years ago on August 16, 2016 in Croydon, south London , brutally murdered. Rapper Andre's killers were students of a school where Yemi, a teacher, worked. & nb

  • The 28-year-old bird lover threatened the 23-year-old frightened ex-girlfriend with baseball after walking with the parrot

    Kaya Colakoglu, 28, tracked down former lover Lena Nixon, 23, at a friend's home in Rhyl, North Wales, after she ended their relationship and took the parrot with them.

  • The blockade of Manchester triggers an identity crisis in north-west England

    A major incident was reported this week by authorities in Greater Manchester after the number of coronavirus infections increased.

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