People adapting to new restrictions in Preston

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August 8, 2020, 9:00 p.m.

(Updated August 22, 2020 at 10:58 PM)

In the first 24 hours of tighter restrictions in Preston, most but not all of the people appeared to be interested in the council's new public health campaign.

Officials target the under 30s who disproportionately catch and spread Coronavirus in the area.

But at a downtown charity shop, three naked twenty were seen crouching to catch up at lunchtime.

A bored-looking young woman was waiting for her turn in a nearby nail pole. She was seated separately from other clients, but her mask was ineffective under her nose.

"Don't kill grandma" is the strong request from officials to change the behavior of the under 30s, who are half of the recent surge in the region COVID-19 Cases.

The messaging campaign started as Preston Affiliated areas that are already more restricted in the north East Lancashire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

In all of them, mixing with other households outside a support bubble is prohibited in homes, gardens and indoor public spaces including pubs and restaurants.

Early Saturday night, PC licensing officer Julie Stewart and more than two dozen of her colleagues from the Lancashire Constabulary were masked downtown to enforce the new rules.

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On the quiet streets, it wasn't a chore after a similar operation on Friday night that had resulted in only two arrests by midnight for crimes unrelated to the pandemic.

Regardless of what activities are driving the surge in virus transmission in Preston, PC Stewart believes it is not about pubs and bars.

"As you can see, everyone is sitting apart, everyone is friendly," she said.

"Maybe it's from house parties, we've been to several of them in the past few months."

In the socially distant bar from 1842, 25-year-old university student Jemma Whewell drank with five roommates according to the new regulations.

She blames the local lockdown for the premature relaxation of nationwide restrictions.

"The bans were lifted too early and now they have been lifted, which makes it a bit more difficult for everyone," she said.

23-year-old Jemma Knight, enjoying a drink with her sister Ellie at a table on a cobblestone pavement, largely supported the new rules.

"Perhaps it is questionable what difference there is between meeting in a garden and a park, but I understand that they have to do something," she said.

Preston's new restrictions will last until at least August 14, with council warning of possible fines and further restrictions looming if the rate continues to rise.

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