Odds Drift On Tories Winning A Majority At The Next Election

Chances are that Tories will win the majority in the next election

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Boris Johnson's personal approval ratings fell during the coronavirus crisis

Conservative parties have seen their chances of winning the UK elections in 2024 worsening due to the coronavirus crisis – political betting data shows.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson experienced five exhausting months as Britain's flagship during the pandemic.

Since the March outbreak, the Johnson government has been criticized for failing to block early enough, returning older hospital patients to nursing homes without Covid-19 tests, and failing to accept the EU's invitation to procure PSA on a large scale.

The Prime Minister's latest measure to require people in England to wear face masks is three months after Germany adopted the initiative.

And while Johnson's personal approval ratings have dropped during the crisis, the public also appears to be shrinking from the Tories.

Tory majority less likely

According to William Hill's UK political betting data, the chances of the Tories winning the majority in the next election have increased from 6/4 to 6/4 2/1 within a month.

Johnson's party currently has a majority of 80 seats. But Backbench rumble As he coped with the crisis, Huawei's involvement in the country's 5G network and trust in its main aid, Dominic Cummings, influenced the Prime Minister.

If an election were to take place today, it seems that no overall majority would be the verdict, with the odds for this outcome ranging from 6/4 to 13/10 in just four weeks.

Labor's chances of winning the next election have now dropped to 5/2.

Boris relies on Brexit

Johnson will no doubt hope to steer national focus in the form of a Brexit this summer on more stable ground.

British negotiations with the EU on trade agreements for 2021 are ongoing and there is currently little appetite to extend the deadline.

Johnson won his place at the top of national politics last summer for insisting on Brexit and staying true to his word would likely give his party a big surge in polls.

Can Tories Capture the Economy?

One area where the Conservatives have kept the confidence of the British public is the economy.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak adopted a £ 90 billion vacation and business loan program last spring to support more than nine million people during the pandemic.

Sunak's shares are currently high. He is the favorite to replace Johnson
as leader of the Tory Party and took a number of centrist measures during the pandemic – much to the surprise of liberal economic critics.

However, recent economic data for May 2020 suggests that darker days are approaching as Sunak runs the vacation program and is under pressure to develop a full economic recovery strategy.

With Unemployment is expected to rise to 11% By 2021, Sunak's stock could even fall soon.

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