Number 10 says size of the Lords ‘needs addressing’ after nominating 36 more people for peerages

Number 10 states that the size of the lords "needs to be addressed" after 36 more people have been nominated for peerages

The Prime Minister's brother, Jo, is one of those to be given a peerage. (PA)

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Boris Johnson still believes the size of the House of Lords "needs to be addressed" despite the fact that 36 other people, including his own brother, have been nominated for a seat there.

Number 10 said the recent nods for peerage would help "ensure that the Lords have adequate expertise" given the anger of democratic reformers about the recent nominations.

Tory Party donor Michael Spicer, former party leader Sir Patrick McLoughlin, and Mr. Johnson's senior advisor, Eddie Lister, will enter the House of Lords, among others.

Prime Minister's brother Jo Johnson, who resigned from the House of Commons last year for resisting his brother's Brexit plans, is also becoming a conservative peer.

A number of high-ranking Brexiters, including former Labor MP and Vote Leave supporter Kate Hoey, former Brexit MEP Claire Fox and newspaper columnist Charles Moore, have also been proposed for peerages, a list released on Friday showed.

Long-time Jeremy Corbyn ally Katy Clark and trade unionist Bryn Davies have now been nominated by the ex-Labor leader for seats in the Lords.

The move was attacked by the Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrats, while Lord Fowler, spokesman for the House of Lords, called it "ridiculous" this weekend, saying the upper chamber didn't need 830 members.

"What you are doing is encouraging some in the House of Lords who are honestly passengers and are not going to make a big effort," he told the BBC.

The conservative manifesto says the government will address the "role of the House of Lords," and number 10 was urged on Monday whether the government had abandoned plans to reduce the size of the upper chamber to bring it to the 650- headed to adapt lower house.

"It remains the case that the size of the House of Lords needs to be addressed," said the Prime Minister's spokesman.

"However, with retirement and other departures, some new members are needed to ensure that the Lords have adequate expertise and continue to play their role in reviewing and revising legislation."

When asked why Mr. Johnson announced a resolution honor list that had more peerage nominations than any other recently, the Prime Minister spokesman said, "It is a longstanding convention that individuals should honor or peerage in recognition of theirs The public and its policies can be nominated for service and that prime ministers will draw up a resolution and resignation list. "

But Darren Hughes, executive director of the Electoral Reform Society, said: “With over 800 members, this bloated chamber mocks democracy.

“If the Lords are to be credible, they must now put their obvious anger into action and propose laws to finally introduce some accountability into the unelected house. Otherwise, all ideas of "independence" in this anachronistic chamber would have been completely destroyed. "

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