Nolan sisters Linda and Anne are battling cancer

Nolan sisters

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The Nolan sisters Linda and Anne are both fighting cancer, has been announced.

The Nolan's sister's official Twitter account shared the sad news with fans of the musical family, saying:

"In the past few months, Linda and Anne have been fighting cancer and chemotherapy together during the ban … We will get through this together as a family."

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Sister Coleen said their personal social media::

"You have beaten it before – you can hit it again" and added: "Please keep your thoughts and good wishes."

In an interview with The sunThe sisters confirmed this shortly after returning from filming their television series The Nolans go on a cruise With the sisters Coleen and Maureen in March, Linda and Anne were diagnosed with cancer within a few days.

Both have sworn to defeat their cancer, a disease they have both previously overcome. Her sister Bernie died of breast cancer in 2013.

For cancer counseling and support, visit Macmillan's website.

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