No new coronavirus deaths are reported in Wales for the second day in a row

For the second time in a row, no new coronavirus deaths have been reported in Wales.

Public Health Wales (PHW) announced Monday, July 13, that no deaths have been reported in people with lab-confirmed Covid-19, bringing the total death toll to 1,541.

It is the fourth day that no new confirmed deaths have occurred in the last 24 hours after PHW made the same announcement on Monday, Friday and Sunday of the last week.

The actual number of fatalities in which the virus was mentioned in a death certificate was 2,438 by June 26, according to the National Statistics Office (ONS).

In addition, the number of positive coronavirus cases confirmed in the laboratory in Wales increased by 25 to 17,045.

More than half of the new cases in Wales per day are now diagnosed through home tests sent by Lighthouse Labs in England and reported separately to the NHS Wales numbers.

Today, 11 new cases were diagnosed in hospitals and other care facilities that were tested by NHS Wales, and 14 new cases from non-NHS laboratories.

Localized data is only available for NHS Wales test results and shows that Wrexham had three new cases, Blaenau Gwent two and Monmouthshire, Newport, Anglesey, Conwy, the Glamorgan Valley and Powys one. All other local authorities had no new cases.

Although the test capacity in Wales is 15,000 a day, only 2,943 tests were run on Sunday, July 12th.

Here you can follow live updates to the coronavirus pandemic.

New coronavirus cases today (diagnosed in hospitals and other nursing facilities tested by NHS Wales)

Cumulative number of deaths reported in Wales

The latest figures were released after a press conference with First Minister Mark Drakeford, who announced that everyone in Wales will be required to wear facewear when using public transport starting Monday, July 27.

They are already needed on public transport in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However, since the spread of coronaviruses is described as "low", the Welsh government has stopped making masks compulsory in all public areas, including shops.

Mr. Drakeford said: "For simplicity and consistency, as part of our plan to reduce the transmission risk in public transportation where it is not always possible to maintain a physical distance of two meters, this will be the case." People must wear a three-layer face covering when traveling. This also includes taxis. "

He added that there is a two-week delay in making face masks mandatory for public transportation in Wales, so there is time to work out the details as well as exceptions.

The decision about face cover was made on the same day that many blocking restrictions were lifted.

Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants are now allowed to open outdoors in Wales, while hairdressers, hairdressers and mobile hairdressers can welcome their customers back.

In addition, organized sports and activities can now be resumed outdoors, and places of worship can resume indoor worship.

First Minister Mark Drakeford

In the meantime, the First Minister added that nearly 300,000 coronavirus tests have been performed in Wales to date, of which 17,000 have been positive.

"The percentage of people who tested positive continued to decrease," he said.

"Always keep your distance. Wash your hands frequently. Only meet people from another household – or an extended household – outdoors and work from home wherever possible."

Mr Drakeford also confirmed that four households can now meet outdoors – a provision that is already more generous than in other parts of the UK.

He explained that this can happen when two households joined together to form an extended household meet two other households joined together to form an enlarged household.

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