My Favourite Game: Georgia Stanway

Georgia Stanway may be only 21, but the city striker already has many amazing memories in her collection.

The youngster, who has won five trophies with City, scored some of our best and most important goals and is now a full-fledged England international, has already achieved more than most in his life.

A million memories, dozens of glorious games … but what stands out from the others?

In the second edition of our new series, presented by Marathon Bet, Stanway recalls her favorite game in sky blue, which celebrates its one year anniversary on Monday …

The selection

My favorite game for City was definitely when we won the FA Women & # 39; s Cup in 2019.

We played West Ham in the final and won 3-0. It was just a surreal day.

It was a big game for me personally. I've always wanted to play well on a big stage. In this game I got the player of the game – and I scored.

There is no better feeling than winning and winning the trophy was incredible.

Play at Wembley

Playing there is a huge deal in itself. There was an amazing crowd and my whole family was in the stands.

The team had taken the bus from the CFA to London the day before. Of course it is a long journey and it can be difficult to keep your emotions in check, so we started a couple of movies, played cards and Uno, chatted … you would even find the strange person who is sleeping! Everyone did what they could to pass the time.

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On days of absence, Janine Beckie always bakes healthy snacks. We are allowed to eat something special on a day of absence because we know they are healthy.

When we arrived in Wembley we had a little tour of the stadium. We weren't allowed to enter the locker rooms because they were set up to look special, but we saw the field.

When you are in there it looks huge with the number of seats and the space is huge.

Then we went to the hotel and stayed there. Everyone was so excited.


I think it started at five o'clock, so we tried to kill as much time as possible. Everyone was so excited.

When we showed up on the floor, we did a pitch walk just before the fans came in. Our families could arrive earlier. They were in the hospitality and we facetimed them from the middle of the field, led them around and they wished us luck.

I don't like thinking too much about the game beforehand. I like keeping a normal routine – chatting with everyone, keeping myself as relaxed as possible.

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It helped me that day. I knew I didn't have to impress my family, I knew I didn't have to strain myself. Sometimes when you're trying too hard, things don't go your way.

I knew I had to work hard and I knew that my family supported me. They wanted to get the best for me and the team … and I knew they would calm down after a few drinks too!

When we went to the dressing rooms it was crazy! They were all equipped: city badges everywhere, our dreams and goals; Words we follow, our values. It was crazy going in, surreal. In retrospect, it doesn't seem real.

Scoring at Wembley

It will definitely be one of my favorite destinations: to score points in Wembley to help us win the FA Cup with so many people there, so many city fans … It was incredible.

I had tried so hard to score during the whole game. I had taken a few pictures and shot a few. I had one that was pretty close …

Then Keira Walsh scored the first goal and knew I had to try to score and connect with my buddy!

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The ball came to me and I took a few touches to put it back on my right foot and hit it. There was a distraction that helped and rolled into the right corner.

I turned and just ran to celebrate. I ran to the corner where our families were and made eye contact with my family, which was nice.

When I turned around again, all the girls ran towards me. It was an incredible feeling and something special for the fact that it was in Wembley.

Look back

I look back now, scroll through the pictures and try to remember what it was like: the game, the atmosphere, the celebrations …

Everything merges into one. When we came to celebrate at the end of the day, we didn't want the day to end. It was amazing.

I remember Lauren Hemp in the second half. She scored an amazing goal and rounded off the overall performance.

It was definitely an unforgettable day.

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