Michel Barnier exposed: MP pinpoints why Brexit chief will sacrifice EU in UK trade talks

Michel Barnier unmasked: MP shows why the Brexit boss will sacrifice the EU in British trade talks

Brexit Trade agreements between the UK and the EU appear to have stalled again as the two events have little agreed. However, Brexiteer Tory MP Peter Lilley has argued that this may soon change as a result of Michel Barnier. During the conversation with Brexit watch On her YouTube channel, Mr. Lilley claimed that a great Canadian-style deal is now particularly possible for Britain.

He claimed that Michel Barnier's political aspirations would lead him to make the Brexit trade negotiations successful by all means.

Mr Lilley argued that Mr Barnier will take steps to stay away from a no-deal situation and ultimately meet the UK's demands.

The Tory MP mentioned: "I think now, on the whole, that we are more likely than we not to get a reasonable free trade agreement.

"It's no less than a 50/50 chance that we're doing a smart business."

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"It's partly because the EU doesn't like business."

Mr Lilley defined the essential role that Michel Barnier could have to secure Britain a lot in the context of the EU trade talks.

He continued: “When the EU instructs someone to negotiate, they expect them to come to a conclusion.

“Michel Barnier may actually want to become a future French prime minister.

“David Frost and his team did both things.

“The different facets cannot do all the work and faux, they do not know the place where we are.

“The chances of a sensible deal are greater than usual.

"In the past 4 years I have said that no deal is more likely than most people think.

"But I also assume that it is much less harmful than most people try to imagine."

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