Major incident declared in Greater Manchester after COVID-19 rise

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8.15 p.m., August 2, 2020.

(Updated August 20, 2020 at 8:59 p.m.)

A major incident has been reported in Greater Manchester, where coronavirus infection rates have increased.

According to the Manchester Evening News, gold commando meetings of high-ranking figures from the police, local authorities and other authorities took place over the weekend.

A statement from Deputy Chief of Police Nick Bailey, chairman of the Local Resilience Forum, told Sky News: "Recognizing that there are several places in Greater Manchester where infection rates are increasing, the group reviewed learning from other recent areas , including Leicester and you learned from the whole partnership and decided to declare this a serious incident to respond as effectively as possible.

"In this way, we can maximize the ability of agencies in Greater Manchester, including additional resources if necessary, to initiate a quick and positive change of direction.

"It is part of our desire to protect the Greater Manchester population and give them the highest level of security that the authorities will do everything to reduce infection rates and make Greater Manchester as normal as it is today . " . "

Serious incidents are often reported after a terrorist attack or severe flood, meaning that a region can access additional national resources when needed.

If the police need additional enforcement assistance, the MEN reports, the army could be called in to assist them.

Manchester City Council Chairman Richard Leese said to the newspaper: "Although the City Council and partner organizations have been working closely to combat the impact of the pandemic since the beginning of this year, the declaration of a major event means that we can continue to do so."

"It enables a central command structure to be set up to monitor the response and enables the agencies involved to access additional resources."

Health Minister Matt Hancock said Thursday that the COVID-19 The blockage in parts of Northern England – including Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire – would be tightened due to an increasing transmission rate.

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