Laura Kuenssberg’s Brexit confession exposed: ‘They don’t know what to do!’

The BBC's political editor said that "nobody knows" what the consequences of the vote would have been – least of all the politicians who were both in favor of staying or leaving the block. The former ITN reporter revealed politicians' stance in an interview with the Press Gazette shortly after the referendum in 2016. The then political reporter was showered with praise for her coverage during the vote, making her one of the most recognizable faces on television news across the country.

Although she admitted that the vote "didn't surprise" her, she claimed that it changed her job in journalism.

Leave won the Brexit argument in 2016 after 52 percent of the public voted to leave the European Union.

Ms. Kuenssberg said: “Our decision to leave the EU is clearly the biggest political decision we as a country will make in decades.

“Nobody knows what the consequences will be, whether good or bad, and so I think that most people would accept that the consequences are greater than any election from the general election – although of course they are big stories too – and They politicians have dealt with it and don't really know what to do.

"We are also at a time when the expert class has proven wrong so often that it is okay to be a political journalist and say" I don't know "."

She had received the top press gazette award when asked about her thoughts on Brexit.

As a member of the BBC, Ms. Kuenssberg is expected to remain impartial and not reveal which side of the Brexit debate she was on.

When asked what she thought about the result of the vote, she added: "It was not surprising to me because before the result, we had not only been on the road for months during the election campaign and picked up so many people. I felt that ( Vote to leave) that's what they wanted to do.

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Nevertheless, in the same year, Ms. Kuenssberg was accused of bias against Labor and Jeremy Corbyn, in which a petition was filed requesting her release.

However, the petition was later withdrawn from the website by 38 degrees, fearing that it would become a “hub for sexist and hateful abuse against Laura Kuenssberg”.

She was also faced with further allegations in the historic general election last year.

Some members of the public attacked her after sharing a link to the personal blog of government chief strategist Dominic Cummings.

Critics said by sharing it, Mr. Cummings' views were seen to be pristine by the public.

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