Labour’s latest ad campaign proves they’re clueless about Scotland

TIME and again we hear the same promises from Labor. Since losing 40 of their 41 seats north of the border, they have been repeating a vow hoping we don't notice anything else they say.

They tell us we are listening. We hear you. We want to win you back.

Keir Starmer made that promise shortly after his appointment as Labor leader that year, promising that he and his shadow cabinet would travel to Scotland more often.

(We are sure that Starmer's particular concern about Scotland has nothing to do with the report of Labour's disastrous 2019 election performance warning that he would have to win back several SNP-held constituencies if he were ever to become Prime Minister.)

At the same time, however, it seems that he doesn't really want to win back the former Labor areas.

He was advised to make Labor the "voice of the Union" in order to win back Scottish voters. He tells us that a second Scottish independence referendum is not needed.

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And yet, polls after polls show that more and more people who vote for Labor in Scotland do actually support independence. The latest estimates are between a third and 40%.

And this latest Labor advertising campaign proves once and for all that they have no idea what is going on in Scotland.

Starmer was Corbyn's Brexit secretary and would like to break away from this role. In this position, the party's Brexit strategy has been to push for a second referendum and give the public the choice of a Corbyn-negotiated deal or remain part of the bloc.

The strategy did not go down well with so-called "Red Wall" voters in the north of England, many of whom had voted for Brexit and wanted it to be dealt with – something the Tories successfully benefited from last year.

Now Starmer would like to transfer his image to someone in the "stay / leave" series, someone who, according to Boris Johnson, wants to "do Brexit".

He told Sky last week, "I'm very sure so it is now in the national interest to get a deal. We have to get a deal and we have to move on."

His party's new Facebook ads show a flag of the Union in the background with the text: "Labor says: Get the Brexit deal done."

The National:

At first glance, you might think it's a conservative promotion.

Could you add something to this graphic to make it more daunting for the people of Scotland?

62% of Scots voted to stay in the EU and consistent polls show they stand by it. We also know that independence support is now the majority position in the country.

The advertisement was shown to SNP MSP Bob Doris. He told The National: “Workers in Scotland already have no contact with the electorate, but they will never be forgiven for pulling Scotland out of Europe against our will.

"As long as the Labor Party promotes this kind of Tory Light rhetoric and at the same time turns its back on a second independence referendum, it will remain irrelevant in Scotland."

Couldn't have said better.

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