Kami Delivers High-Quality Colour Night Vision and Much More With The Kami Outdoor Security Camera


YI technologyPremium smart home security brand Kami recently announced the launch of their Kami outdoor surveillance camera in the UK. The camera offers the best protection for your home with amazing features. These include advanced night vision, reliable human motion detection and a weatherproof IP-65 design. As a result, the Kami Outdoor Security Camera offers complete protection and security regardless of the conditions.

It comes with a wide angle lens that films in 1080p. With Kami's Advanced Starlight Night Vision technology, the camera can reproduce clear color images even in poor lighting conditions. The UK weather is quite unsafe with its rain and that is why the Kami Outdoor Security Camera is rated IP-65 weather resistance which allows it to operate and secure the house in all UK weather conditions.

The new camera from Kami is not only full of functions. The company has managed to bring high quality AI-powered smart security to the UK smart technology market at an affordable price. It's smart enough to only send alerts when people are nearby while effectively avoiding false positives from things like pets or stray animals, or even changes in light. It's also smart enough to distinguish between a photo and a real person. In the event of an abnormal sound being detected, an alert will be sent directly to the user's smart device regardless of where they are.

The Kami Outdoor Security Camera also has two-way audio that allows the user to greet guests, speak to the postman, or even deter unwanted intruders. The camera has a built-in microphone and a powerful loudspeaker through which the user can easily communicate with the camera itself and the smartphone via the Kami Home app.

The app offers even more impressive features: set up intelligent activity zones to highlight the areas for the Kami outdoor surveillance camera to keep a particularly close eye on and ensure that it sends the most important motion and acoustic warnings. Users can also save footage to the ultra-secure Kami Cloud for easy playback.

"The Kami Outdoor Security Camera is an excellent addition to our Kami Home line of products and a milestone in this category," said Sean Da, CEO and Founder of YI Technology. "Working with our Kami wireless outdoor camera and indoor products, the Kami outdoor surveillance camera is easy to set up and gives people full control over the security of all their property."

Kami outdoor surveillance camera

  • 1080p video recording
  • Wide angle lens
  • Advanced Color Night Vision for clear color material – even in complete darkness
  • IP-65 weatherproof design
  • AI-driven intelligent security for reliable warnings
  • Clear 2-way audio for conversations with guests and intruders
  • Compatible with the Kami Home app
  • Secure data storage with free Kami Cloud

Prices & availability

The outdoor surveillance camera is available now from the Kami Store and costs £ 64.99.

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