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Support for Jaguar and Land Rover Coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, Jaguar and Land Rover offered to help by deploying 362 vehicles worldwide to help nonprofits and frontline workers fight the spread of coronavirus.

Jaguar provided 15 vehicles to support the UK's Help NHS Heroes initiative, which delivers food and essentials to employees, carers and their families at the forefront of the NHS. It allowed the charity to deliver boxes of groceries and other essential consumables that could be ordered through a bespoke app before being prepared for pickup at their NHS workplace. The program helped thousands of NHS workers and caregivers at the forefront by giving them easy access to food and essentials while they were busy. The fleet was also used for home deliveries.

"Jaguar's fleet will make a big difference in our ability to provide essential supplies to NHS employees when we have a duty to support these heroes in our communities."

– Jason Mawer. Founder of Help NHS Heroes

Jaguar and Land Rover didn't just help in the UK. In South Africa, they partnered with the South African Red Cross and the Minnie Dlamini Foundation to provide vital food to vulnerable people through the #FeedingSATogether initiative. In total, they were able to deliver 2,400 food parcels to the most vulnerable in their society, enough for a month.

Throughout Europe, Jaguar Land Rover delivered another 20 vehicles to Red Cross companies to reach vulnerable communities.

Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle loans in detail:

  • Great Britain – 227 (164 to the British Red Cross, 63 to other frontline services)

  • Spain – 18 to the Spanish Red Cross

  • Australia – 28 to the Australian Red Cross

  • South Africa – 11 to South Africa Red Cross

  • Brazil – 3 to the Brazilian Red Cross

  • Canada – 2 to support the local charity in delivering personal protective equipment

  • Italy – 5 to the Italian Red Cross

  • Netherlands – 3 to the Dutch Red Cross

  • Russia – 21 to the LIZA Alert Foundation

  • Germany – 16 to local health and social organization

  • Belgium and Belux – 3 to the Food Bank of Brussels-Brabant and Solidarite Grands Froids

  • Switzerland – 10 to the Swiss Red Cross

  • Finland – 2 to the Finnish Red Cross

  • Bulgaria – 3 to the Bulgarian Red Cross

  • Portugal – 2 to the Portuguese Red Cross

  • Lithuania – 2 to a local food bank charity

  • Greece – 3 to local charities that support vulnerable people

  • Austria – 3 with the Austrian Red Cross

Jaguar Land Rover also worked closely with the UK government, offering its research and design expertise, as well as its digital engineering and design, 3D model and prototype printing. They have also increased the production of their protective face shields to support the ongoing fight against coronavirus, and they have made another 14,000 key force visors across the UK every week.


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