Inside the journey to bring Halo back to PC

Huntress. Is there a voice clip that I've heard more in my life than Halo's gritty announcer that prepares me for the fight? Maybe one of his other captions: Double kill. Triple killing. Overkill! (Okay, now I'm just trying to brag). If Halo is real and absolutely timeless, it is this voice that plays over the warm blue sky and dusty fields of Blood Gulch. Halo: Combat Evolved, which was added to the Master Chief Collection on PC in March, looks just like it always does in my eyes today: just like on chunky CRT TVs at split-screen LAN parties, just like the PCs in mine High school 3D modeling class.

My memory is wrong, of course.

Just because we have source resources and code and all that stuff, most of the time it's not a panacea

Mike Fahrny, lead producer

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