Indians’ Emmanuel Clase handed 80-game PED suspension

Clase should play an important role in the coming season whenever it starts.

Cleveland Indians Right-handed Emmanuel Clase was suspended 80 games after he tested positive for a banned performance-enhancing drug, Major League Baseball announced Friday.

"The commissioner's office for baseball announced today that the pitcher Emmanuel Clase had received an 80-game free lock from the Cleveland Indians after testing positive for boldenone, a performance-enhancing substance, against the joint drug Major League Baseball's Prevention and Treatment Program violates. " .

The suspension only begins at the beginning of the 2020 season.

The trade seemed crazy when it was announced last December: Corey Kluber, two-time American League winner, Cy Young, and money from the Indians to the Rangers for right-handed Emmanuel Class and the outfielder Delino DeShields Jr. The Indians said in a statement that they are "disappointed", but welcome the 22-year-old back after he cleared the lock.

The Indians said in a press release that they have no plans to appeal the decision and that he is free to rejoin the team once his suspension is complete.

If the season doesn't include 80 games, the league and the players' association are still negotiating whether the punishment will be carried over to the 2021 season. When spring training was interrupted, he returned to the Dominican Republic and the Indians had difficulty finding him because the cell phone connection was poor.

He made his debut with the Rangers in August. He appeared in 21 games and went 2-3 with a 2.31 ERA. He knocked out 21 in 23 1/3 innings.

If MLB is forced into a shortened season due to the pandemic, Cleveland Clase may not see the hill until next year.

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