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Harry Potter Fans got a closed beta this weekend for the Quidditch-like game Broomstick League. The Broomstick League starts on March 5th and before the release date there is a closed beta on February 8th and 9th. You must be logged in to the official Broomstick League website to play the game.

Click here to go to the Broomstick League beta test login page.

If you missed getting a beta slot for this week's Broomstick League test, don't worry.

in the An entry Online PC Invasion reported that there could be more tests in the weeks ahead of launch.

Broomstick League offers 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 games online or offline, with the point of each game bringing a magic ball into the opposing goal.

You also have a magic wand that you can use to repel and reposition enemies with spells.

The broom you ride on also has mechanics that you need to master, such as: B. Diving to get faster.

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This was probably the most requested feature of our last beta test. We have now added the ability to create and join parties, encourage friends, and make matchmakes together.

The party system is still under development, but most of the core functions are in place. Connect with your friends and give it a try!


Players can now preload their shot and run a “slapshot” or one-time timer after receiving a pass.

This opens up a lot of new strategies. One timers can be used on the offensive or alternatively to quickly remove the ball from your own game.

A few quick passes between teammates, followed by a one-time pass, can devastate your opponents!


Our chat window has been redesigned from top to bottom and is now much easier and more user-friendly.

We've also added a brand new quick chat feature that allows you to send quick messages to teammates or opponents in the heat of the action.

The quick chat system is familiar to those of you who have used it in other games.

In short, you can use the number buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 to send up to 16 different preset messages in chat.


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