Guardian Stockbrokers Key Economic News Monday 21 September 2020

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UK retail sales rose faster than expected in August

In the UK, retail sales rose 0.80% m / m in August, compared to a revised 3.70% increase in the previous month. The markets expected retail sales to grow 0.70%.

The eurozone's current account surplus decreased less than expected in July

In the euro zone, the seasonally adjusted current account surplus decreased to EUR 16.60 billion in July compared to a current account surplus of EUR 20.70 billion in the previous month.

The US consumer sentiment index rose in September

In the US, the Flash Consumer Sentiment Index rose to 78.90 in September, compared to 74.10 in the previous month. Market expectations assumed that the consumer sentiment index would rise to a level of 75.00.

The US leading indicator rose less than expected in August

In the US, the leading indicator was up 1.20% in August compared with a revised increase of 2.00% in the previous month. The markets expected the leading indicator to rise by 1.30%.

The US current account deficit widened more sharply than expected in the second quarter of 2020

In the US, the current account deficit rose to $ 170.50 billion in the second quarter of 2020, compared to a revised current account deficit of $ 111.50 billion in the previous quarter. The markets were expecting the nation to run a current account deficit of $ 157.90 billion.

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