Google’s upcoming smart speaker could be called “Nest Audio”


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A demolition of the Google Home 2.28 app by 9to5Google suggests the company is calling its upcoming smart speaker "Nest Audio". Google initially branded its smart speakers under the Google Home name before switching to Nest branding at its Made by Google hardware event last year and introducing the Nest Mini.

Google is expected to hold an event on September 30th at which, in addition to the new Pixel smartphones, the new Nest speaker will be announced. The company had an official look at its upcoming smart speaker back in July, though it didn't reveal any of its key specs or features. A little teaser video from Google also suggested that the Nest speaker is portable enough to move around around the house. However, it is unclear whether or not it comes with a built-in battery. According to leaks, the Nest Audio speaker is expected to cost around $ 120, making it an ideal replacement for the now-discontinued Google Home speaker that was released in 2016.

With this brand change, it becomes clear that Google is placing all of its smart home products under the Nest branding.

The demolition of the Google Home app also indicates that Google is providing Nest's Home and Away features as "presence detection" for Assistant. Basically, users can set up a "home routine" and an "out of office routine" that automatically adjust the temperature and lighting of their home / office when they leave or arrive. With presence detection, your Android device automatically communicates with the Nest thermostat to know when you're home or going out. Users also have the option to manually trigger the Home / Away routine using the Google Home app.

Source: 9to5Google

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