Google invests 450 million dollars in ADT receives exclusive hardware deal

Google and ADT have announced a "long-term strategic partnership" in which Google is investing $ 450 million in ADT and the two companies are combining their smart home and home security product ranges. Google says The two companies will work together to "create the next generation of the helpful home" ADT says The deal "will combine Nest's award-winning hardware and services based on Google's machine learning technology with the installation, service and professional monitoring of ADT." A website with detailed information on collaboration can be found at

Google invests $ 450 million in ADT and receives exclusive hardware deal

Google and ADT both worked towards smart home
Security solutions over the years. Google comes from the position of one
Internet companies are moving to smart homes, while ADT is moving from one
Old school home security company that doesn't want to be run over by them
Smart home upstarts. In the meantime, both have covered the same areas and have a lot of them
Overlap. There are Google and ADT smartphone apps, smart displays and security
Cameras, smoke detectors and of course home security systems with movement
Detectors, input sensors, keychain presence sensors, security keyboards and
monthly subscriptions. (Google's security solution is not very well known nest
To back up

Google doesn't have an internal solution for professional remote monitoring, but Nest Secure worked with it Brinks Home Security Monitoring. ADT doesn't have an internal smart home automation solution like voice commands and smart speakers, but ADT devices worked with Z-Wave, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa devices.

The merger of the Google and ADT product lines appears to mean Nest hardware with ADT monitoring and installation. Jim DeVries, CEO of ADT, spoke with the Financial Times (paywalled) and categorized his company's hardware relationship with Google as "exclusive", which means that ADT will only sell Google devices in the future.

Smart Home: Google Home list of compatible devices

ADT's army is greeted with a big greeting in both press releases
from installers that will be one of Google’s core businesses
Improvements. Smart home solutions, especially those that want every door and
The window to be monitored can include the purchase and installation of dozens of
Equipment. The prospect of planning such a system at all can be too great
for many potential customers, but now an ADT installer can be viewed and edited
Everything from estimates to installations with Google hardware.

Google’s $ 450 million stake in 6.6 percent of ADT.
ADT says, “Each company will deploy another $ 150 million subject to change
reaching certain milestones to be used for co-marketing products
Development, technology and employee training to promote the partnership.

Nest went through a
rocky transition
lately from an independent company to a Google sub-brand.
Google shut down the Works with Nest ecosystem and broke it
Third-party apps and device interoperability. It killed
Nest accounts
and enforced google accounts for users during merge What
was previously viewed as confidential smart home data in Google's Big Data
Collection. The changes have reportedly led to third parties
Installers call it quits
Nest products
for less restrictive alternatives. Google also has
expanded the Nest brand to most of its smart home products. That’s called Google
Home speakers, Google Wi-Fi and Chromecast will all live under at some point
the Google
The sub-brand, e.g. B. "Google Home" is now "Google"
Nest home. "

Finally, during the deal, ADT will be installed exclusively
Google hardware, but it will take some time to get there. ADT says so
“Expects to offer certain Google devices to its customers from this point on
Year and to expand integration in 2021. "

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