“Germany is delinquent,” says President Trump, in Brexit boost

Trump beats Germany on defense and trade

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On Wednesday morning, July 29, President Trump was interviewed by reporters about America's plans to withdraw a third of his troops from Germany before flying off the southern White House lawn on Marine One.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org summary

Trump strikes the largest country in the EU

  • US withdraws 12,500 soldiers from Germany – "Germany is criminal"says President Trump
  • "Germany owes billions and billions of dollars to NATO"
  • "And you think that's bad? They make less use of trading. ”
  • 2,500 US troops stationed in Great Britain, which are intended for German deployment, now remain in Great Britain

When the US President was preparing to leave the White House at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning, he made some very strong statements about the largest country and largest economy in the EU. Here is the exchange.

This was President Trump on Wednesday

Q. Mr President, in NATO you just gave the order to remove US troops from Germany. How does that keep Russia in check?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Germany is criminal. They have not paid their fees. They have not paid their NATO fees. And they are far away and they have been gone for years and they have no intention of paying for it. And the The United States has been exploited for trade, military, and everything else for many yearsand I'm here and I just did it.

But Germany owes NATO billions and billions of dollars. And why should we keep all these troops there? And now Germany says it's bad for the economy. It is good for our economy. Germany is criminal. They are 1 percent. You should be 2 percent. And actually everyone should be 4 percent, not 2 percent because 2 percent is too low. But they are 1 percent and have been using us for many years.

And you think that's bad? They make less use of trading. And I was ready to fix that and then we were hit by the China plague. But we will fix it.

Source: The White House, July 29, 2020

How many billions does Germany owe?

The US President has consistently attacked the EU’s largest economy for lack of defense spending and has threatened criminal trade sanctions for its huge trade surplus with the United States. Brexit Facts4EU.Org has analyzed the latest figures from NATO. We only used data from the past five years, although the EU27 countries have not invested in defense for decades.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org summary

The $ 147 billion German defense deficit

  • In the past five years alone, Germany has underserved the defense of – $ 147 billion
  • Great Britain spent the same period $ 16.2 billion more on defense as the required NATO minimum
  • The other EU-NATO members spent too little overall on defense – $ 446 billion
  • And from All of this is only in the past 5 yearswithout the decades before

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The new EU Commission President was the Federal Minister of Defense all the time

Ursula von der Leyen presided over Germany's massive defense spending in these five years. Ms. von der Leyen is now the new President of the EU Commissionand its new budget, which has been provisionally approved, increases EU defense spending.

None of these additional EU defense expenditures go to NATO – the organization that has maintained peace in Europe for the past 70 years.

Is Trump right to trade?

That's what the U.S. State Department says about Germany.

"Germany is the third largest exporter in the world. Every fourth job in Germany depends on exports, which accounted for 47% of German GDP in 2018 (almost four times the export share of US GDP)."

Germany has a lucrative trade surplus with the USA that has existed for many years. In 2018, this surplus was $ 67.4 billion in goods. In the same year, Germany had a trade surplus with the United Kingdom of $ 37 billion in goods.

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Both in defense and in trade, President Trump is right in his analysis.


President Trump uses shorthand to communicate with ordinary voters. His messages are often mocked by the mainstream media, who prefer long and nifty arguments.

NATO members are said to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense, and 20% of their total defense spending should be spent on equipment.

Great Britain is the only country in the EU that achieves both goals. Germany has consistently missed both goals by one land mile for decades.

If the US president holds the EU countries accountable – especially the EU's largest economy, Germany – he is absolutely right. And if he claims that these countries should be held responsible for their lack of defense spending for decades, we agree.

In the past five years alone, the United States has spent $ 1.4 trillion more than the NATO minimum. Germany spent $ 147 billion LESS than the NATO minimum. We rest our case.

With the upcoming Brexit – and if Trump imposes sanctions on Germany – the EU is in trouble

When it comes to trade, Germany can export very well to the USA and Great Britain. It cannot afford to have tariffs affecting both major export markets. Should Donald Trump win a second term, which we believe is likely against the poll, the EU's largest economy could face a very bumpy ride.

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(Sources: NATO Official Figures | The White House | US State Department | British National Statistics Office | EU Commission) As always, politicians and journalists can contact us for details.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Sat 01 Aug 2020

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