gameplay, agents, weapons and all you need to know about ‘Valorant’

Riot Games introduced its first non-gamesLeague of legendsGame: Valorant, a tactical hero shooter like no other.

Already before ValorantWhen the game was officially released, the game took Twitch by storm, breaking the platform record of "one-day hours in a single game category" with 34 million hours watched.

Now that Valorant has officially launched, Riot has continued to develop the game with new patches, upcoming agents, new game modes and much more. Read on for everything we know so far Valorant.

What's the latest news?

  • Riot Games says Valorant will receive six new agents a year
  • Valorant Ranking mode is finally available in all regions
  • Patch 1.02 for Valorant is live, ranking mode pushed back

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical 5v5 hero shooter that was developed by Riot Games and is best known for the MOBA title (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) League of legends. Each game in the game lasts up to 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 rounds to be the winner.

At the start of each game, players choose from a pool of characters (called agents), each with their own special abilities. Both teams share different pools, so it is possible that the same agent for opposing teams is in the same game.

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What are platforms? Valorant available on?

Valorant is currently only available on the PC, but Riot Games has indicated that it is working on prototyping the game for consoles. However, the company has also pointed out that "there is a way to play this game and there is a way to experience this game that we are not entirely certain of whether it will be fully translated into console game".

Is Valorant play for free?

Similar to the other Riot Games releases Valorant is a free online game with skins and other cosmetic items that can be bought in the game.

What is the gameplay from Valorant?

ValorantMain mode (available in both) Not rated and competitive) is similar to CounterstrikeDefuse.

The attacking team is tasked with placing a bomb (called a spike) in one of several locations – depending on the map, between two and three – and defending it until it explodes. On the other hand, the defending team wins when all opposing players are eliminated, when the clock rounds down or when a planted spike is defused.

Every game in the main mode is won when a team wins 13 rounds. The characters are selected at the start of each game and cannot be changed during a game. Check out the gameplay trailer for Valorant below.

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A new mode called Spike Rush was introduced when Valorant was officially released in June 2020. Spike Rush is won when four rounds have been won and lasts significantly shorter than the main mode, 8 to 12 minutes versus 30 to 40 minutes.

The mode also gives each attacking player a spike as opposed to just one and gives the same random weapon to everyone in both teams. All skills are free in each round, while two endpoints are awarded for kills and deaths.

In addition, the game features five special power-up balls, items that give teams special skills or discomfort when conquered. They range from health that HP regeneration grants to deception that reduces the enemy team's view.

What are the characters available in Valorant?

Valorant There are currently 11 different playable characters (called agents), each with three unique abilities and one ultimate ability.

Skills vary widely between agents. Some skills are better known to fans of tactical marksmen, such as: sulfurSky Smoke and PhoenixCurveball that emulates smoke protection and lightning. Meanwhile, the other skills range from sageBarrier orb (which lifts a solid wall) too JettUpdraft (who throws it in the air) and everything in between.

Valorant. Photo credit: Riot Games

In June 2020, Riot Games announced plans to launch six new agents each year. Each new character will be accompanied by the release of a new act in the game, which will appear approximately every two months.

The first new agent presented in Valorant is Reyna. She is the 11th agent and was launched when the game was officially released on June 2.

What's the latest update for the agents?

On June 23, Viper received several major improvements in Patch 1.02 to make the agent "much more effective" Valorant Leading actor Ryan "Morello" Scott. The changes affected two of Viper's abilities: snake bite and poison screen.

Snake Bite received a new mechanic called "Fragile", a debuff that increases the damage that curved characters take. On the other hand, Toxic Screen can now be shot through walls and cut through the map.

Patch 1.02 also updated Jett's Blade Storm ability and Reyna's Soul Orbs mechanics. The former's skill is now updated when Phoenix is ​​killed during Run It Back. The resemblance to killing Phoenix during Run It Back will now spawn Soul Orbs for Reyna.

On June 9, Riot Games improved Sage's Barrier Orb ability in Patch 1.01. The range was reduced by half because “Sage could aggressively take control of neutral territory, which was inappropriate for her role Valorant”.

What is the latest content update for? Valorant?

On June 24th, Riot Games introduced the leaderboard mode for Valorant in all regions. It also included updated rank icons and badges, as well as a new name for the game's highest rank, which was changed from Valorant to Radiant.

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Patch 1.02 for Valorant was released on June 23. It contained buffs for agents like Viper, Jett, and Reyna, and a remarkable nerf for marking – that's the slowdown that players experience when they're hit by enemy bullets.

Other changes in the patch included the addition of a submission option, changes to the user interface for the menu screen, performance improvements and bug fixes. The update should also reintroduce the leaderboard mode, but was delayed due to a groundbreaking bug.

Patch 1.01 for Valorant was released on June 9, a week after the game's official launch. The biggest change was another nerf for Agent Sage, whose spell range for her Barrier Orb ability has been reduced by half.

The update also added new balls for Spike Rush mode, items that give teams special skills or discomfort when conquered. Three new bullets have been introduced: Health that grants HP regeneration; Deception that reduces the enemy team's view; and Golden Gun, which turns your weapon into a one-shot, one-kill weapon.

Patch 1.0 for Valorant was launched along with the game's official release on June 2. It introduced the Spike Rush mode, which has a "fresh and more hectic taste of ValorantAnd a new card called Ascent. The game's 11th agent, Reyna, was also introduced.

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