Former Trump aide Steve Bannon endorses Dominic Cummings as a ‘brilliant guy’

Stephen K. Bannon looks into the camera

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Donald TrumpThe far-right former adjutant Steve Bannon has endorsed Boris JohnsonTop consultant Dominic Cummings as a "brilliant guy".

In interviews surrounding the publication of a new book, Mr. Bannon also predicted that Johnson would become "more populist" over time, saying his best option in post-Brexit trade talks with the EU was "hard, no deal" close. Result.

Bannon is credited with Trump's successful bid for the presidency in 2016 after making the Breitbart website, which he managed, a gathering point for right-wing extremism in the United States.

Shortly after the white nationalists' rally in Charlottesville in 2017, he was released as a White House advisor and has since tried to unite populist forces in the "Judeo-Christian West". Previously, he described the Islamophobe Tommy Robinson as the "backbone of Britain" and defended European rights, including Marine le Pen in France and Viktor Orban in Hungary.

In an interview with journalist and author Peter Geoghegan, reported in The Observer, Bannon said Mr. Cummings was "a brilliant guy".

"I think Cummings is very smart about where he goes," said Bannon. "What I like about him is that he can concentrate on the most important things."

He said Johnson and Cummings were "very important" in getting Britain out of the EU, which he supported, but said they were "very late to the party".

Speaking about Britain's future relationship with the EU, he said: "There is a choice: hard, no deal. It won't be a nuisance."

He said he expected Mr. Johnson to have "more economicist tendencies," and predicted that "Boris would adjust his policies to become more populist over time."

Bannon has previously claimed to have advised Johnson on messaging, despite the Prime Minister's rejection of the close connection proposal as a "leftist deception".

Mr. Bannon's comments were made in interviews related to Geoghegan's book Democracy for Sale, but were too late to be included.

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